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Character spotlight: Malise

Malise is a witch of the Gerudo clan, similar to Koume and Kotake, though not nearly as old. She spent most of her life traveling abroad to collect samples for her particular area of magical prowess: controlling and amplifying disease. She now carries a collection of pestilences both mundane and deadly in the bristles of her enchanted broom, which are black with bacteria and spores. When Malise returned to Hyrule, having entirely missed the events portrayed in Ocarina of Time, she found that the Gerudo had made peace with the other races and even allowed some of them to live in Gerudo Fortress. THAT didn't sit well with Malise AT ALL, and she made it her ambition to purify the culture of her 'wayward' clan. >{

In Forgotten Gates, Malise seeks to recover the totem of a witch doctor who once held a chain of islands in terror of his uncanny power to curse villages with plagues. In combat, she naturally acts as a debuff dispenser, blasting her foes with disease-based attacks that inflict bad statuses while relying on mooks (mainly renegade Gerudo who joined her cause) to defend her.