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If you liked this game (and especially if you didn't), you should check out my new game "Infinite Mana"! It's a love-letter to classic JRPGs with modern elements and some rather glitchy mechanics.

The story follows a group of mercenaries: Raje, Skean, and Arche, who end up on a dead planet where they are given the job to bring back samples of ore and other materials to the Terra Val, a terra-forming spacecraft with hundreds of thousands of people looking for places in the galaxy to settle down. When the mercenaries find an ancient relic that somehow transports them back to the past when the planet was peaceful and brimming with life. The player is given control of Raje when he awakens in a medieval-like town in the middle of an ongoing battle between good and evil where they will meet a colorful cast of characters.

- A dramatic story with many comedic moments that poke fun at JRPG standards.
- An original soundtrack in superior midi format spanning 2 discs in length.
- 4-5 hours of gameplay through the story, side-quests, and battles.
- Explore a world with hundreds upon hundreds of NPCs with (mostly) comedic dialogue and objects to scrutinize! Make sure to interact with all the objects in the universe to enhance the silliness.
- Solve puzzles like the infamous boulder moving puzzle, or flipping switches to make things in other rooms happen!
- A number of side-quests to complete from hooking up two shy teenagers in love, re-uniting Slimes with their beloved slime drops (whatever those are), and digging for treasure in a sandworm infested desert, and much more, each with their own rewards!
- A variety of mini-games to play such as sneaking past guards, digging for treasure, learning a new language, hide and seek, and more!
- A secret hot springs sequence!

Developer's Note: Guardian Saga was my first game, an RPG borrowing inspiration from Final Fantasy, Lunar, Grandia, and other well-known JRPGs. I worked on it from about 2000 to 2004, scrapping and reworking it 3 different times until I had something I felt was pretty good. It had a custom menu, custom battle system, and voice acting, but the custom systems never worked 100% the way I wanted them to, which is one reason why I never released the game. I removed those features and focused on fixing bugs and tweaking the battle system.

Now, I'm finally releasing it in all its Mac and Blue glory! The game was intended to be a four part series and this is the first part. I'm not sure if I'll ever finish the rest as I've moved onto bigger things, but this game still holds a special place in my heart.

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New Version (1.02)

This includes the bug-fixes from the hotfix as well as:

- Fixed a bug where you can't leave the Queen's room.

- Buffed Alza a bit in terms of healing, and she has a new skill which allows her to heal everyone at once.

- Raje's Introspection now has a 50% success rate to discourage repeat use.
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  • 03/11/2015 11:43 PM
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  • 03/11/2015
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I like to report the game seems really fun but the menu seems to bug out like one min its normal menu next min the menu open up another menu with the words specials and additions on it and causes a huge bug where none of them will close when one closes the other one opens up
I like to report the game seems really fun but the menu seems to bug out like one min its normal menu next min the menu open up another menu with the words specials and additions on it and causes a huge bug where none of them will close when one closes the other one opens up

Could you possibly link a screenshot? I haven't encountered anything like that. Are you talking about the title screen menu or the main menu (with items, status, etc)?
I'll check it out and see if I encounter the same problem!

Edit: The issue you're having is from an older version of the menu which was taken out. I played from the beginning up until you get to the mines and had no issue, so I'm not sure where you had the issue. If you remember where you were when it did that it would help greatly and I can fix it.
In the Resort,where Lokor's Shop is:
When I try to leave the room,I see the Inn but can't move or even see my character.
Tried several times,,same thing.Can't continue.
Well,didn't solve Resort problem,but,used old save and just didn't go there again.
Problem now:
Went to Villa Shrine, went through all areas and
beat Golem guardian.Then teleported to shrine entrance.
Door is now open, but, I can't enter.
Normal or am I missing something?
Also,for some reason,my game has kicked in to
high speed which makes it difficult to enter doors because
it is hard to stop in the right spot to do so.
Wondered if there is a run button that I hit by mistake??
I didn't mention that before I tried to leave
the Resort,I saved at the crystal.
Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.
i have the same problem with dnel57. i've already defeated golem and the door is now open but i can't go through that door -.- is this a bug? can you fix it? i'm sorry if it sounds like i'm annoying. Well about the review of the game *up til valhala shrine* the plot is simple, but i like it and it's an interesting game for me, so if you have some spare time can you fix this? thank you.
Beautiful sprites! Awesome effects! I'm glad I discovered this little gem.
Good luck working on your custom battle system for the sequel!
3 weeks and no answer??
there is a problem with the game.
we can't fix it ourselves.
Lesson learned.
If you play a new game play it the first month it is out.
Otherwise you are on your own.Bugs,glitches and all.
Happy Gaming ,all.
Sorry for the delay in my response! I wasn't getting notices and didn't even -notice- your messages. I'm working on a fix right now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
Bug fixes are in! Please download the hotfix or version 1.01 of the game and enjoy!
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