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Somewhere amongst the many worlds and universes, a megalomaniacal villain has seized control of a device that can draw and trap Eidolons, unaware of the overall problems such an act will cause to the fabric of existence.

Only two Eidolons have remained free. One narrowly avoided capture, and the other, as a result of the forced draw, has become trapped in a Paradox.

Working to understand said paradox is a young researcher, who was once a summoner of an Eidolon, back when those he cared for were still present.

Together, it's a race against time to rescue the Eidolons-- and with any luck, not die along the way.

Eidolescence is a traditional RPG, mixing character-driven interaction with light-hearted humour as three guys being dudes try to save the world.

Quick Q&A

Is this a fangame? Yup. Not a direct sequel though. It's written to be extremely meta-- all the characters are aware of their other incarnations and appearances, for the most part.

So why isn't it called 'Final Fantasy'? I only name direct correlations or sequels 'Final Fantasy'. It's a rule I have. I prefer to have a game live off its own merits rather than generate hits because of an FF title. (I'm looking at you Square)

The plot's kind of cliche? It's deliberate. This is character driven.

Final Fantasy "numeral here" sucks? Why are they in this game? Your mom sucks.

Is this yaoi? No. The relationships are written as platonic.

Latest Blog

Cancelled...but I PROMISE there's a good reason

Hi All,

I obviously haven't touched this game (or many of my games) for a long time. And I know it sucks for me to come back one day and go, oh, I'm cancelling this one. But, unlike the others which I am not cancelling, I have strong reason to do so here-- there's an official game that captures pretty much exactly what I wanted from this game, which is Dissidia: Opera Omnia for mobiles.

Now to clarify, its a gacha game, but it's one that is very very generous and I have not 'needed' to spend a cent.

You can have pretty much any party combo from a good 75% of the entire FF cast, the gunblade is classified a 'greatsword' and not a 'shortsword' meaning you can, as above, equip Squall with the Buster Sword and it's dope AF, the characters interact fantastically and if you're as big of an VIII fan as I am you'll appreciate the below:

TL;DR why on earth would i make this game when I can play a game that's just-as-good-if-not-better, for free, on my mobile, without putting any work in? Go play Omnia, you won't regret it
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I am sooo gonna play this game out. Cloud is just too cute for his own good. ;)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
three guys being dudes try to save the world.

and I'm sold!
If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in this universe, is that there’s no shortage of Final Fantasy fangames when it comes to dealing with Puddor. :P

Also, why does Squall and Cloud look so unbelievably happy together - and why is everybody holding hands!? This ain’t no picnic!

I just feel bad for Hope. He has no real idea what he’s gotten himself into...
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Because if you don't hold hands you'll get lost.

And yes, Hope...Hope is in for a hell of a ride.
I feel bad for him.

Couldn’t you find someone else to torture, like Tidus, or something?
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
But not only does he get torture, he's also playable and has a critical plot role as a big fuck you to Squeenix for shafting him in 13-2 (he has movement/combat/chocobo data dummied in 13-2's code--which means he was, at some stage, going to be the third party member).

That's the whole reason this game exists.

Playable adult!Hope.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
How many games are you going to make that feature Cloud, Squall and *third party member*? Don't you think it's time to branch out?
How many games are you going to make that feature Cloud, Squall and *third party member*? Don't you think it's time to branch out?
I thought that Cloud and Squall appear in every Final Fantasy game. Don't tell me they're some kind of game exclusives! *gasps*
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
How many games are you going to make that feature Cloud, Squall and *third party member*? Don't you think it's time to branch out?

*looks at own game list*

If you're talking about Cosplay Crisis in this comment, two.
This is a fangame with potential. I may not be a fan of either Squall or Cloud, but I'm really interested in seeing how you play out the characters.
(another game whose audio files I'll have to manually convert to ogg before I play)
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Ah, sorry! Nessiah actually pointed this out to me last night. There's only four files that aren't .OGGs (two from ReStaff packs, curiously enough-- the other two are FF tracks). I've actually fixed this up now, orz. I can send you the replacements? (I've actually entirely reworked what's seen in this section of gameplay already so I can't re-upload, welp)
I've actually converted them myself and I'm ready for some feedback! >w<~
But thanks for that. Just remember to convert it next time! ;-; the world thanks ye haha

I like the game overall, feels like eating doritos with your favourite guacamole dipping: delicious and decadent. (I think I'm talking too much to Ocean)

there are a few minor things that need to be looked upon though:
Battle skills feel a little unbalanced but that's probably obvious since it's such a limited sample of the early stage gameplay, however the game is obviously biased to magic users. (not that I dislike that, I LOVE MAGIC) the game could also potentially benefit from scope toggling, but well that's more like something I like to see than actually a complaint or anything.

The jumps in the first area. They're kinda obnoxious. That's just because they're kind of slow (since snow jumps after you) and clunky; you don't have to look to the platform to jump, for instance. (yeah. you can do a backward jump. I didn't know squall was this athletic.)

The game lags on my computer for some reason. (It's not a bad computer)
I kinda suggest installing fullscreen++ because it removes like 99% of fullscreen lag on rm games.

There were more stuff but I think that's it. It's a short, teasing sample (and I lol'd with the "moogle") but it's really cool and I wanna see more of it! *U*
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Yeah battles were made in a rush. The only thing I really touched was Iron Giant's overall battle abilities, and even then I've ramped him up since (and may do so further-- I want the player to need to use Hope's Cura at least once. I may up the frequency of Cleave).

Squall's super athletic B) (and I wasn't aware of that). Jump in Ace is a pain and I probably won't be using it often. It was kind of a test to see if I could make followers realistically jump (and I can now, yippee).

The lag is something I'm painfully aware of and I'm trying to find a solution to. It's the face display script. I've checked the topic and so far the situation isn't looking good. There's a high chance I'll have to cut talking, because I can't think of a way to check if a character is talking or not via parallel process, unless I'm controlling switches inside message boxes, I suppose.
You know what? Jecht could be a good choice to appear in the game at some point since he was used as fayth for a Final Aeon; his Eidolon name could be "Sin" since his Final Aeon form supported Sin's existence and all.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts

guh ff characters again...i hate this so much :/

the stats seem off for classes. the ravager and sentinel get more attack power then a commando?
actually all off the commandos stats are less?

anyone else get 1 second or so lag spikes during dialog?

squalls darkness skill has no description

if i was not extremely tired of ff fan content id have enjoyed this.
the references to events in there own games were a nice touch tho i may not of understood one or two.
as it was a demo thats another meh for not playing this.
i recommend this to FF fans who just want something with some characters from the older games
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Yeah I'm pretty much making this game for my own enjoyment, and it's not aimed at non-FF fans. It hasn't been in the dev cycle long and there's still a lot of issues.
Very short demo. Game lags a bit whenever someone starts talking. There's just one dungeon with no boss. Got some pretty fancy art. I think this game could be good if it got finished, but this demo is too short to tell.
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