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Cancelled...but I PROMISE there's a good reason

  • Puddor
  • 11/25/2018 04:42 AM
Hi All,

I obviously haven't touched this game (or many of my games) for a long time. And I know it sucks for me to come back one day and go, oh, I'm cancelling this one. But, unlike the others which I am not cancelling, I have strong reason to do so here-- there's an official game that captures pretty much exactly what I wanted from this game, which is Dissidia: Opera Omnia for mobiles.

Now to clarify, its a gacha game, but it's one that is very very generous and I have not 'needed' to spend a cent.

You can have pretty much any party combo from a good 75% of the entire FF cast, the gunblade is classified a 'greatsword' and not a 'shortsword' meaning you can, as above, equip Squall with the Buster Sword and it's dope AF, the characters interact fantastically and if you're as big of an VIII fan as I am you'll appreciate the below:

TL;DR why on earth would i make this game when I can play a game that's just-as-good-if-not-better, for free, on my mobile, without putting any work in? Go play Omnia, you won't regret it


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I'm very sorry to hear that your idea was taken Puddor. No, worries though it happens a lot a times.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Hey, someone made the game you wanted to see in the world, and that is a valid reason. Why make what you wanted when you already got what you wanted? Glad to hear your sticking to other games, and I hope you enjoy Dissidia: Opera Omnia!
Glad you're still making stuff at least! Even if you stand on a mountain of game corpses.
im sorry i hate opera omnia's story and characterization and really offputting rerashing of songs with all my strength especially after coming from the High Quality Brave Exvius TM (OO's gameplay is lit tho) but ignore my edgy comments and i'm looking forward to playing more stuff from you. but i'm not reinstalling opera omnia.

also, i issued a credit card refund to intentionally make brave exvius ban me after the valkyrie profile banner
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