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Look up the Clouds, there is always Hope! :)

  • Starmage
  • 04/20/2018 05:21 AM
Hello everyone! Welcome to my review for Eidolescence by Puddor in its prototype stage! I have found and played many of the FF Fan games in this site, but this one in particular, has piqued my interest! xD Mainly because seeing Squall, Cloud, and Hope together in one game, hopping around merrily in the title screen, just brought a huge smile on my face! xD It's really quite cool to see a cross-over fan game like this! Reminds me of dissidia a lot. :)

First Impressions:

I found the title screen very cute, and I'm quite pleased to see the DS sprites and tiles being used in this game. I can see so much potential already with just the start of the game. I can already see that this is going to be a great and fun FF Fangame! :)


The story features a very light-hearted attempt at creating cute and humorous interactions between the three characters. In this world, Eidolons are being trapped by an evil force, and it is up to Squall, Cloud, and Hope to save the Eidolons from mass extinction! I seriously love the interactions between the characters and I find Cloud very entertaining here, which is strange cause he's usually very serious and stoic. xD


The gameplay is really cool! It features the very same Class system that the classic FF titles have. Although it is still in its early stages and the battles seem very simple in the prototype, it still shows great promise and lots of potential. I also love seeing the conditional turn based battle with the char's portraits on top of the screen.

Seriously, just look at those sprites! <3


Graphics uses the cool DS assets! I always have a soft spot for these wonderful DS sprites and tilesets cause they're probably the cutest sprites that exists to date! xD I love how it is used and the characters' sprites are made to look the way they are using DS charsets as templates! :) The artworks and pixel arts of the characters are very very well done! They're amazing and I love how the character arts move their mouths whenever they speak during cutscenes! I can already see a beautiful art direction in this game, so I'm so looking forward to what more the developer can do with it! :)


Music was intense and atmospheric! Really suits the game's aesthetic! I also love the music used during the time cloud was running around naked and met the two. xDD (That was a very funny scene, btw, was surprised to see this side of Cloud).

Bugs/Glitches found:

There are a few graphical bugs that I found. They're not game-breaking by any means, but I thought it would be helpful to point them out to help with this prototype version.


A Minor tileset issue where I can walk through a crack on the wall.


There seems to be some out of place white stuff found around some of the charsets. I assume these parts are supposed to be transparent?


This is a very good FF Fangame! There's so much potential and passion being put into this that I'm so looking forward to its completion!! It is so fun and entertaining to see this type of interactions between a quirky cross-over that is Squall, Cloud, and Hope! :) Aside from that, the battle system shows a lot of promise and the battler sprites are just superb!! :) A guaranteed 5/5 is given to this game if it were a full game. ;)