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Let's Get to Know You, 50's Style Vampire!

2016 isn’t over yet, and it’s about to release another great evil upon the world. Well, he’s been around for decades, really, and he’s not as “sexy” as modern vampires, but the 50′s Style Vampire is leaping from the dark corners of your heart and into Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.

Nothing really describes the 50′s Style Vampire other than pure, unadulterated evil. He doesn’t want to make friends. He doesn’t want to take out the trash or clean his room. He just wants to suck your sweet, sweet blood and take a nap in his coffin. Maybe you secretly want to do that, too, sometimes; except maybe instead of sucking blood you’re eating a pint of super choco-brownie blast ice cream, and you’re passed out in a shuddering heap on the living room floor instead of sleeping in a coffin.

In battle, the 50′s Style Vampire is a master of the dark arts, giving him access to a wide arrange of spells, such as blasting the enemy with powerful black magic, reflecting the enemies’ spells back at them, or simply bleeding his enemy dry with his signature fangs.

On the field, the 50′s Style Vampire can transform into a horrid shadow creature, which frightens unsuspecting passersby. With so many terrifying things surrounding you, why not become the most terrifying thing around?


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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
He's so cool! I like his map ability too! And his map sprite is so so so adorable when he's not the terrifying shsdow creature!

And not maybe, definately wanna eat icecream and nap, and not suck blood and nap in a coffin!
What? ... Oh. ... Oh no. ... It sounds silly, but it seems like it'd be a tough fight. Getting attacks reflected, getting health drained, and possibly some invulnerability if he can turn into smoke or something.

So, does frightening others lower your encounter rate or something?

Is there a Weakness to Light or something, so Sunflower Spells won't heal or something? ... That would help when fighting him though, using Sunflower.
Thanks, Cloe! I think his shadow creature form is cute, too, in a Lovecraftian kind of way.

@Malandy: You can't lower the encounter rate with his field action--there's another way to do that in the game already. He can literally frighten things, which can be used to access new locations and goodies.

There are a couple of ways to prevent healing in the game, but those tend to impact the player more than enemies. When you fight him, he's probably going to suck your bloooood.
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