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March Update

All right, so, confession time: I lost about two weeks of development playing Monster Hunter: World. I mean, don't get me wrong, I WANTED to work on Jimmy, but, well, Vaal Hazak wasn't going to hunt himself. My friends and I have relegated our hunting to Sundays, now, so I did get some good work done in the bookends of February, but I'm not quite as far along as I want to be.

I was hoping to have started the seventh (out of eight) sections of the game, but instead I'm about halfway through the sixth. The good news is that I planned for a lot of wiggle room, so I'm still set up to finish all the storyline stuff before the end of the semester, and then I should be able to work through balancing and testing through the first half of summer--which means a release date right smack in the middle of summer is pretty likely.

Anyway, not a lot to talk about this month, unfortunately. Anyone else get sucked into Monster Hunter? And, for those who didn't, for the love of God, don't pick it up if you value your productivity.


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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Poogies for life.

Seriously, the game is 99% Poogie-ing and 1% Monster Hunting

Anyway good luck with the game dev!! :D
My Poogie is dressed like a blue frog and is named Mary Katherine Ham.
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