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April Update

A lot of my recent updates have been talking about breaking the story up into eight parts as a means of giving a rough estimate of where I’m at. Well, I’m currently on the eighth part. The thing is, this part is basically the single largest section of the game, as it includes several optional areas and scenes, the most mandatory levels of any section, a lot of miscellaneous stuff that I need to test and wrap up, and the ending, which will be pretty time-intensive. So, while I might not finish all of that this month, I do expect to finish at least MOST of it, and, by that point, Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass will be pretty close to finished.

So, then what? I still won’t be totally done, as right now things like enemy stats, xp, and currency are all dummied in (outside of what’s in the demo). I’m expecting to spend about a month balancing those values, and then I’ll be testplaying for a while. Still, unless some catastrophic unforeseen tragedy strikes, I’m still looking at releasing this summer.

It’s a little early to get nostalgic, but I’ve been working on this game for about four years now, and it’s surreal to actually see the finish line. I’m looking forward to seeing what I accomplish this month; time to get to work!


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Glad things are moving along at a great pace, man! If you need help playtesting when the time comes, just hit me up!
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Good luck! I'm super excited to see this coming so choose to being done!
Feels like its been so long, but I know it'll be worth the wait. Jimmy's just the kind of RM game I've been longing for.
Thanks, ya'll! I am probably going to see if I can get one or two people from the forums to help me testplay when the time comes. I'll make a post about it to gauge interest, but it'll probably be June/July so I can give myself time to get a few full playthroughs in first.
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