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June Update: Special RMN Edition

Like normal, I've posted this blog both here and on tumblr. However, I wanted to also shoot out some feelers here for playtesters. Is anyone interested in doing a playtest? This will probably be mid to late June, and I'll try to give at least close to a full month for playtesters. I'm going to be relying on a few personal friends as well, but I'd like to get a few RMN vets if they're interested. Playtesters will get their names in the credits, a Steam key for the finished game and the soundtrack (or I can send these directly), and they'll be playing on an unencrypted version, so they can poke around as much as they want and witness the complex and ultimately boring mysteries of Jimmy's development. I'm also totally willing to do some quid pro quo work on your own projects (playtesting, maybe a little bit of music, etc.) as long as I can do that stuff after development for this game finishes. If you want to playtest and I don't respond, please don't be offended; I only want to bring in people who I'm totally comfortable with, and I have a tendency to be a little standoffish, so that's not a lot of people. If you want to playtest, please let me know either here or via PM.

Anyway, here's the actual progress report that I posted on tumblr:

So, it’s officially summer, and that means I can work on Jimmy A LOT–and I have been! I guess I should get the first big news out of the way: the story is completely in the game now. That means the game is playable from start to finish, and all the scenes are in, all the NPCs have dialogue, and, yes, you can shake them all (with a few exceptions like if they’re, say, bashing a rusted-out car with a baseball bat). The ability to shake everyone was a major pain in the ass to implement, by the way, so I hope you all feel a modicum of gratitude when you’re cheekily prancing around causing chaos to all of the poor inhabitants of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.

That said, the game is still not balanced. I’ve put in most of the enemy stats and have started my first pass through the game. My plan right now is to play through the game in its entirety three times–this will ostensibly go faster each time, as I’ll have less glitches, typos, and unbalanced fights to contend with. My first pass is to go through the game the “optimal” way; remember, Jimmy has a lot of optional levels, some of which can be entered way earlier than is wise to. My second pass is going to be me trying to do dungeons out of order and scaling up the fights, and my final pass is going to be me skipping optional stuff altogether to make sure the game is still beatable. I don’t really know how long this is all going to take, but my hope is 2-3 weeks.

After that, I’d like to send the game over to a few different playtesters over the course of a month or so. This will hopefully give them enough time to fully playtest the game, and it’ll give me time to knock out some other stuff I’ve been putting off, like getting the soundtrack into a standalone package, requesting reviews, etc.

Here’s what you can look forward to this month: me figuring out an accurate game length and an actual exact release date (currently looking like mid to late July, but I’ll give an exact date once I finish my testplays).

ALSO: I’m really out of the loop with the game review scene. Where do ya’ll get your gaming news? What websites or Youtube personalities would be interested in RPG Maker games or, more broadly, this kind of retro RPG?


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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ooooh yes!! I would defo love to playtest, this looks like a super fun game and should be super fun! (plus I tend to try look for everything and go into weird spots in the map, I'm quite good at breaking my own gams)

I hope the rest of the dev goes well too!

Oh also I have no idea about game review but Libby could play it on stream and you can get reviews on here obviously!

Edit: Also!! Discord is a great way to ask a lot of people about it pretty quickly, plus you could watch someone else play it via screenshare and whatnot which could be handy!
It's really something seeing this project nearing the finish line. What a journey it has been!

I'm pretty vigorous when it comes to my own playtesting, so I'd love to lend a hand if you need some playtest help.
Ooh, you're both great candidates! I was thinking about starting a Discord group (well, I was thinking Skype, but I'm open to whatever) once I've got all the playtesters together. I've only used Discord a little bit, but is that the best option for this kind of thing?
The hype is real, despite working in the engine there aren't many RPG Maker games that get me genuinely excited, Jimmy is one of the few.

Im sure Nitrorad would be glad to revisit the game after the praise he gave the demo.
I won't have time before mid-july, so I'm more likely to end up being an early adopter.

I see jimmy was already featured on rpgmgames.tumblr.com as for regular websites, they're not really interested in rm games, but you probably can find some interested in earthbound styled games. Waypoint for example has active forum, where people submit their own games. RPS featured some rm games (they're fond of Oneshot in particular) in the past plust they have unknown pleasures, which featured multiple rm games.
Other than that I would try to google Lisa reviews and Ara Fell reviews and Rakouen reviews.
@visitorsfromdreams: Thanks! I'm excited, too! And, yeah, I'm definitely sending him a review copy.

@Cap_H: Great advice; thanks for weighing in. Getting on RPS would be killer. I'll make sure to send them a review copy, as well as other major sites, even if it might be a bit of a moonshot.
I work as a tester for a mobile company and I'll gladly help if there's a space. I won't be available during September however so just a heads up if I get the spot.
I would also love to be a playtester. I've been following the game's progress since 2016. I'm so happy to see that it's in its final stretch of development before release. Any update on the GOG storepage/release?
Yeah, I reached out to GOG and they unfortunately didn't respond. I'm planning on reaching out again once I set the release date, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll at least get on itch.io as an alternative for people who don't have Steam.
Yeah, I reached out to GOG and they unfortunately didn't respond. I'm planning on reaching out again once I set the release date, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll at least get on itch.io as an alternative for people who don't have Steam.

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