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July Update

Hey, everyone! So, last month I announced the release date of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. For those of you that missed it, that day is August 7th. So, release is about a month away now. It’s kind of surreal. I’ve been working on Jimmy for four+ years, and even though the game is fully playable, it’s really strange to imagine that it’s going to be out there in the pretty near future. I hope you all enjoy it because it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done and I’m so proud of it.

Last month I mentioned that I would have a good estimate of the length, and I do--more or less. Right now, only one of my testers has finished the game, and they haven’t done the post-game stuff, but they completed the main storyline in 35 hours. My last playthrough was about 35 hours for everything--including the post-game stuff. So 30-35 hours seems like the low end of what you can expect, but I assume that most people will take around the 40-hour mark to complete everything. Too, a lot of the content is totally optional, so if you’re racing straight to the credits, the game’s going to be maybe more like 20-25 hours. But, you shouldn’t do that! The funnest thing about Jimmy is exploring!

I’ve also been getting some questions here and there about cost. I’m planning on charging $15 U.S. I thought this would show up on Steam, but I guess it does that after release (or I forgot to check a box somewhere).

Other than that, I’ve spent the last month squashing bugs, tweaking stats, and just making the experience better and more intuitive all around. I’m really excited about the upcoming release. Testing should be finished in the next couple of weeks, and then I’ll be sending out review copies and making sure everything is square with Steam (and itch.io--getting set up there is on my to-do list). Thanks for believing in this game, and I can’t wait to share it with you!