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  • Added: 03/12/2016 04:49 PM
  • Last updated: 12/05/2020 08:18 AM


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Looks like a roarin' good time. I don't trust that rocking horse, though.

One nitpick: Is the musical note supposed to be an object, or part of the floor? The bold outline makes it look like it's a flat, almost sort of cardboard cut-out. But it seems like it's intended to be part of the rug.
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ G a y ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
Yeah that horse looks like bad news. Love that bed though.
You're magical to me.
Yeah, looks really cool! Has a nice fun-but-sinister mix.

There's a bit of a perspective problem with the toyboxes tho. Look at the top of the bookshelf. It's totally rectangular. Compare that with the toyboxes, where the lines on the top of the boxes slant, as if they are being viewed from a different angle.

The way the toy boxes are now, they would work better in a left-to-right platformer where you jump on them. But for an RPG the top of the toyboxes should be rectangular, like the top of the bookshelf.

Hope that makes sense. Perspective is tricky to explain ^_^;;
Love the pic otherwise!
@sgtmettool: The eighth note is supposed to be like a throw rug, so that's why it has an outline. It might look better without it, though.

@unity: Good catch on that. The toy boxes are one of the earlier things I drew (they're the Jimmy equivalent of treasure chests), so I was a bit inconsistent with the perspective at that point (and I still am, really).
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Couldn't tell the note was a rug, but I'd wisen up real fast once I walked on it. I really love the look of the room, though.

Oh, good, so I'm not the only one that noticed the toybox perspective. Some of your assets (Like in here) are kind of perspective wonky. I think it still fits the weird nature of the game, though.
The toy boxes are ... the Jimmy equivalent of treasure chests

This seems suspiciously generous then...

Hmm... Are we gonna be attacked by that rocking horse, the clown painting, or the stuffed animal? ... Or none... Or a combination, perhaps all three...

Perhaps neither of those... And instead something else, like the rug, the bed, and the bookshelf... Or the room itself...

Having the toyboxes look different can be a hint that they're special and are treasure chests, not environment pieces.
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