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Oh, come on, giant caterpillar monster, we’ve all heard this one before.
  • Housekeeping
  • Added: 12/09/2017 04:21 PM
  • Last updated: 04/23/2021 06:10 AM


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I love the layout and the little gloves on him as well, really nice touches! Hmm, I get the feeling that this is some sort of trick question? lol
What happens if you guess the question wrong, does he try to eat ya?

From the looks of that killer grin there, I'd say he’s going to snack on Jimmy no matter what he says, lol.
What are ya'll talking about? That's a trustworthy bug if I've ever seen one.
Well, with dogs a "pound" can refer to something like an adoption center, which in that case would definitely weight more than 1 lb of feathers or anything else, but that's really stretching the words here, huh? :p

ps: just remembered to wishlist this on Steam!
ps: just remembered to wishlist this on Steam!

Hey, right on!
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