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AwaF Design Contest Results

It’s time to announce the winners of the April was a Fool Design Contest!

In first place, is Winter’s design with a landslide of 57% of the votes. A huge, HUGE congrats to our winner! Your design will be featured in the game! I’m very excited~! It’s a great design.

In second place is Fictional01‘s design! It was a tight race between this and another design; watching them battle was pretty epic!

And Maki’s Pick goes to Gourd-clae I found the design to be really charming to work with!

So a huge applause for our winners! And another huge applause to everyone who entered. We got some wonderful designs all around and I was very excited to see them all. (I may just draw them all in the future just because) And yet another applause for everyone who voted. There’d be no winners without you.

To our winners, I’ll be contacting you personally soon to sort out your rewards and such. Don’t forget everyone who entered wins a free sketch of the AwaF character of their choice! So hit me up by email with which character you would like. :)

This contest was a lot of fun and I hope we can have more like it in the future. Thank you so much for all your support <3 <3 That we could have a contest like this with the turnout that we did means so much to me.

So one last round of applause. For everyone who played April was a Fool!


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Yay - the one that I voted for ended up winning! It looks soooo good seeing it now worn in action. (Although these other two ones look just as great on her as well!) Good job, you guys.

(I may just draw them all in the future just because)

- Let’s hope you do, actually. I would love to see the other outfits on her too, eventually.
Haha, yeah, I had a feeling that one would win :) It's lovely!
The second one I didn't expect, I just get that anime Magi vibe and it feels completely out of place for me hahaha. But kool!

And so that is how Gourdy's design was supposed to look like. I found it really hard to make anything out.
Too bad mine didn't appear anyway, but oh well .. yes yes I'd love to say May in your style in that outfit too tho : D and the other entries too. If you feel like it.

I, uh.. need to think on who I want in chibi style, haha.
Is the dragon also possible? I mean, you can't DATE him, but ..
Congratulations to the winners. Those are some really good designs. :)
The first one is just a cooler version of mine, so what's not to love? I really liked the second one as well, even if it looks a little bit mystical. Gourd's design has an Amano-vibe when you draw it: really cool.
About the sketch...I dunno I haven't played the game. (sorry, lazy me) Nonetheless I won't waste the chance of getting original Maki art™
So I'll be mailing you soon. ;)
Guardian of the Description Thread
I, uh.. need to think on who I want in chibi style, haha.
Is the dragon also possible? I mean, you can't DATE him, but ..

If it was up to me, I would be all over this. Alas.

As for myself, I have no idea. I was mostly in it for the fun!
That was how I interpreted Gourd's design anyway! Ha, I really liked it.

@Kylaila - You can certainly pick the Dragon! I'd gladly draw her; she's just as much a character as everyone else. :)

And it's a her, sorry!
Sehr schön. I'll send you another quick email then. If I can't date her, I will at least hang a picture of her up my wall.

Edit: Oh.. I just saw you said it was a tight race between that and another entry ... color me curious.
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