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An evil doctor by the name of Agon has kidnapped the princess. Now Alex and his crew of heroes have to fight their way tactically through the enemies which stand in their way from saving the princess!

This is the resulting project from a while back, when I decided to try making a tactical battle system in rpg maker 2003 and simultaneously writing tutorials on how to do it (which can be found here and here) The tutorial series was never finished, but a working system was made. It has been collecting dust for quite a while, and I decided it could be cool to make a tiny game out of it and release for the "release something xiii" event.

The system features enemy AI with proper pathfinding in pure event code (no patch or plugin), and a variety of different heroes and enemies, with each their special strengths.

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  • 03/13/2015 04:10 PM
  • 02/23/2016 06:14 PM
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Talk about an anti-climactic ending. xD This was really great. I enjoyed the simplicity of it and I found the battles were very engaging.

Maybe it's just me being terrible at playing TBS's, but I found the second battle very difficult, much more difficult than the last. I was swarmed by golems several times before I finally came up with a winning strategy.

As for bugs, the only thing I noticed was the elf healers didn't actually heal any of their allies.
While I already had most of the system up and running, I only had today to actually make content for a game, and thus it is a "little" bit bare bones, hence the anti climatic ending.

As for the elves, they don't actually heal, they buff. Their buffs last one move and increases move length by 1 as well as increase the attack strength by a bit. I wanted to have some "profile" cards for the different units which you could access during battle to figure out what they did, but ran a bit short on time.

Thanks for playing though, and nice to know about the second batle potentially being more difficult than the last one.
Ahh, that makes sense. I kind of thought that they might be doing something like that since everything else seemed to function as intended. I understand things not being complete due to time constraints. To be honest, I was glad it jumped right into the TBS because that's really what I wanted to try out.

Yeah, I have to agree that the ending is a bit disappointing, but the combat isn't bad. Though, I have a soft spot for tactical RPGs and the like after dropping over 300 hours into Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2).
Cool, a Let's play even. That's already more than I expected in terms of feedback
This is cute. Maybe it's cuz RTP graphics are cute, maybe my love for tactics makes it look so. However, I've enjoyed my playthrough. I've encountered one random bug, which was more probly caused by my Vistas. It's pretty polished for something like technical demo. Use of World Maps graphics reminded me of Elven Legacy. I had problem with first battle as map centered around active character all the time, showing me black nothingness. I haven't noticed this problem with second and third, tho. Maybe I got used to it.
I like simplicity of the system, the way you can't use priests for offense for example. Every character has its function. It would be always nice to differ them some more. Maybe make 'hero' level up. There is always space for archers, buffers (like elves), debuffers, necromancers etc.
Ending can be anticlimactic, but Its no problemo for me as story is basic and we all knew how it was going to end.
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