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This is my first finished project on VX Ace. I finished it a year ago but I'm finally getting around to releasing it. It is a remake of my Rpg Maker 2000 project Mike Chan Rocks Out. I updated the graphics, added dialog, updated the soundtrack and even put in some optional playable levels.

This follows the story of Mike Chan, a high school freshman, in his quest for fame. Along the way he encounters several characters that will test his sanity and question the goal of popularity in high school. The original was called the American Pie of Rpg Maker games.

The original can be found here

Caution: Contains profanity, drug references and adult humor.

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  • 03/24/2015 08:09 PM
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  • 03/23/2015
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Modern setting comedy story game, with minimal gameplay. I thought it was mildly entertaining, and is kinda similar to some cartoons i have seen before. Nice game.
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