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Temple Eclipse is the entry from the team Labracadabrador (John Clifford AKA Trihan, Richard Edwards, Daniel Waine, Kris Childs and Jenny Turner) for the Moray Game Jam 2015.

The game is a top-down puzzler; you play as a Mayan priestess who is trapped in an ancient temple and must collect gems to open the exits and escape. The problem is there's also an impending eclipse with mystic ties to the temple which will cause it to collapse when the eclipse reaches fruition, and its energies resonate with the gems, causing them to phase in and out of existence during the various phases of the moon. The temple is not without defences either: living statues are keeping a close eye out for intruders...

From a gameplay perspective, each level has four colour-coded phases: green, blue, purple and red. Gems are coloured along with the phases and will only be collectible during the phase their colour corresponds to. There are also coloured doors which feature the same colouring: they only open during their coloured phase. The statues will be looking around from their pedestals and if they catch you the timer's speed will double. Your objective is to collect as many gems as possible to open the level's exit and continue deeper into the dungeon.

NOTE: As this game was made for a game jam it's still a work in progress. Although the download is fully functional, the levels available were designed in a hurry and don't really have particularly inspired designs yet. Once I complete some more work on it, I'll make the level editor I made available to the public so they can make their own levels, which they can have added to the official game if they so wish.

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Ooops! I meant to make this a new and notable but forgot. Good thing I was going through new games and noticed my error! Hopefully it'll see a bit more traffic than this because it looks really neat.

I mean, it's not my kinda thing but I know quite a few people would like the look of it and a new game like this should get some peeps in on it. (Thankfully it's still new enough that an NnN is still applicable ;p )

Sorry for forgetting! >.<;

Good luck with finishing it!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Whoa! Didn't notice this. It looks very unique. I know it's always a hard job making a game in 3D.

Subbed. :)
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