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Let's Try Temple Eclipse

  • Liberty
  • 03/30/2015 12:40 PM


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"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
Thanks for the Let's Try, Lib!

A couple of things:

If possible, could you please change "Created by Trihan" to "Created by Labracadabrador" in the Youtube clip? I need to credit the rest of my team properly. :) (I'll be adding a credits page to the gamepage with everyone's name and role)

The game was made for a 48-hour game jam with the theme "Now you see it, now you don't", so we didn't really have time to come up with a proper storyline or a reason you're running through a temple. We'll work on that, honest. :)

I know about the input issue, I'm going to speak to Daniel about looking at the code for that.

The tilting is there because there are a few cases where you've got gems at the top of the map but can't see them (i.e. the blue gems on that level where you got stuck in the middle of the room). It was pretty well-received but I guess we could try just keeping it in the topmost angle that lets you see the gems along the top row.

I probably should have put more detail into the game description and described the issues we're already aware of; I'll add that later, sorry!

The levels that are currently in the build were created using my level editor; unfortunately there's a bit of a bug where it adds random enemies that shouldn't be there (which you came across) and the last level you played was actually a copy of an earlier one that didn't have an exit added and started the player in the wrong place. XD

This was more of a mechanics demo than the full game, which is why I didn't post it as completed yet. The actual levels will be more "puzzley" and better designed, and the enemies will be harder to dodge. :)

We're currently working on adding a score display and ratings for levels to give replay value: basically what you were saying about 100% collection on levels and stuff like that.
Good to hear. I only took a glancing look at the description before playing (I got the general idea from when it got accepted) so I was a little dusty on the details. I'll change the credits to reflect the whole team (sorry about that).

I wasn't sure what it was going to be like when I started so fully intended an LP but once I realised it was still a bit rusty in areas I changed the 'tone' to that of an LT instead. That said, it shows promise so far and I'll definitely give it another shot when it's done!
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