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Update 16

New Look New Design?
Good Morning from here Miolhrians!!
I do apologize I couldn't get the Demo out today as clearing bugs is a thing for the next update and want to go at it all clear!

Great News though the update Demo will be posted March 1 2021 and expect the Game to be released March 5! ...but without further ado..here are the notes for March 1 and March 5 game posts!

Welcome back Miolhrians!

So begins Update 16 v6.0
The Demo will include a snip of all the Updates fixes and adjustments for Upcoming Update March 1 2021!

Update 16 Notes

New Engine with a lot of adjustments allowing game to run at solid 30fps!
New Inventory System!

Depending on Weight and Bag size items are you carried!

Updated Rarity System! (Based on color and item)


Polish Character Models, Items, Icons and everything I could get my hands on!

New Simulation based combat that depends on..

Environment Type (based on Moon type Fire/Poison..)

Enemy (Poison/Fire...)

Time of Day or Night!

(which will now cross over into multiple new situations)

New Crafting System for your Home!

This allows you to add Devices furniture or pets to your Home!

(Defending it and take care of it!)

New Miolhrian or Bandit System!

Being Miolhrian allows you into safehouses and to do certain quest!

Being Bandit, Looter or Raider allows you into Bandit locations but bands you from Safehouses unless for a Quest!

Updated Lighting!

New Temperature System added!

Now being a Miolhrian can effect you in a new way! Based on location (Home, Forest, Cave or situation) you body temperature will change!

Being to hot will cause you to be heated or Sick!

Being to cold can cause you to get Sick or Frostbite!

All Warm or Cold Foods and Drinks can raise or lower your Temp as well!

(Cold water when too warm, Warm soup when to cold)

New Bandit Hideout and Bandit Traders!

Update Bandits, Looters and Raiders!

Update Quest System and Quest!
-New Quest for each Biome and New Quest Device!

Updated CAS System!

(Chance at survive system adds random situation into game)

Heatwave (Temp Effected)

Coldwave (Temp Effected)

Rainstorm (Temp Effected)

Air Drops(Updated)

Zombie Break-In

NPC leaving Biome(Update)

Looters in the Area(Updated)

Traders in the Area(Updated)


Bandit rob you in sleep now! ($$$)

(Bandit Toy distracts them now which allows you to keep your money)

and many more changes and Updates...