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Note: Please do NOT use F12 to reset your game. Thank you!

“I want to return.”

Have you ever made a mistake you regretted so much that you wish it possible to turn back time? That memory will never release you from its agonizing grasp for the rest of your life. But even if the present gave you the privilege to relive the past, would you have the strength to confront it? Or would your sins damn you into oblivion?

In our remake of Castle Oblivion, we've done a complete overhaul: Story, Character Development, Maps, and Gameplay worthy of current RPG players. The Castle welcomes newcomers and old-timers alike. And if you played the original, you’ll definitely want to revisit the Castle again.

Story Synopsis:
Vincent and Azen, two knights stuck in the rain, discovered a strange Castle. Their host was gracious enough to offer permanent refuge by kidnapping Azen with an overwhelming power. Not wanting to be next, Vincent abandoned his friend. After drifting through decades of guilt and wanting to redeem himself, the Castle returned. Vincent will find new friends and foes as he traverses the Castle’s memory-made worlds to rescue Azen, but can everyone overcome the shameful past?

- A rewritten and more expanded take on the original plot. Filled with tons of BANG!
- Re-balanced battles, designed for an enjoyable challenge, rather than frustration.
- Remade, detailed maps filled with variety. Makes the Castle feel more deep and alive than ever before!
- Stronger development for the different characters in the game.
- Save anywhere!
- Interesting and creative puzzles to solve!
- Rescue other trapped souls from the Castle!
- Find Recovery Crystals, which you can either use to heal or break for stat-increasing items!
- Witness Vincent's hometown, Port Brinks, evolve as the story progress.
- Lots of secret rooms and treasure are rewarded for the dedicated explorer.
- Optional Bosses and Dungeons to test your might and uncover more information about the game's world and characters.

Estimated game length: 20+ hours

Full game released as of 20/12/15. Check it out!


Original Game: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8995/

Latest Blog

Castle Oblivion: Remake is now on Game Jolt!

Yo-yo-yo! I've finally decided to take my next step as a developer to join the somewhat huge indie website called Game Jolt! The first game I have posted is this one (mainly since it's the game I'm most proud of so far). You can check it out right here: Castle Oblivion: Remake - Game Jolt Edition.

I also want to let you guys know that I am indeed working on my 5th game ATM, which should be revealed pretty soon (it's a pretty short game, so it won't take too long for it to release either!). If you're a fan of Adventure games, then make sure to stay tuned!

Thanks for all of the support and kind comments so far! I really feel like I need to do something to celebrate for the amount of downloads the game have received. Keep it real, yo, and I'll see ya soon!


Great.Its gonna be really really good :) .Around 2 hours took the demo,but i always take my time.First inn sign has nothing written on it.Everything else is so good,looks good,plays good.The battles are good and hard.
Thanks for playing and I'm happy you enjoyed it! I'll fix that sign right away. :)
Whoo Hoo!!!! I was seriously thinking this needed to be done, and now it is! Hopefully if all goes well, you'll then redo CO 2.

Edit: And still impressive mapping skills. Wish EB would consider hiring you for making the sample maps in their next maker.

2nd Edit: I don't have much time this weekend to play, so I spent the last hour running through it as quick as I can. Overall impression, very good. The writing is greatly improved over the original, and so is the mapping. Enemies are also fairly well balanced (outside of the flashback - more on that in a brief moment). It's amazing how much this feels like the first game, but being completely different.

Feedback time - I died (pretty hard) in the flashback. Maybe it was my reliance on using Starfall to hit all the enemies at once to ensure I'm not far behind in beating the clock. I was doing okay, though, until I hit the skeletons. With no items to restore HP or MP, I was slaughtered. Which got me thinking, if it's a flashback, and I'm telling the story, how is it even possible to die?

My thoughts on this: Provide the player with a few restorative items.

Otherwise, this is shaping up to be a very good remake.
Thanks! A remake of CO2 is the next step (I've got to finish the trilogy).

Maybe it would be a good idea to make the flashback battles scripted instead. I figured that the intro would be a little trial and error for some (hence, why I gave players the opportunity to save just before). The battles are really easy to beat once you've figured out the pattern.

If the battles won't be scripted, I'll probably give Vincent an Elixir or something, just in case.

Glad you're enjoying it so far!
The other thought was just making the skeletons a bit more vulnerable to the holy skill.
They already are, but maybe they could be even more vulnerable. Or I could nerf their strength, or even remove one of them. Decisions! xD
game is great so far just waiting for the complete version
Thanks buddy! I'm hoping to have it finished sometime this year. ^^
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Thanks buddy! I'm hoping to have it finished sometime this year. ^^

What else could you possibly be doing that is more important than game making?????
You need to stop thinking about eating, sleeping and the bathroom....

OK, guess I'll subscribe in hopes of playing your newest release sometime this yr:)
This might be a plot twist, but I am "the" RPG Maker. Always have been, always will be. Sleep and food is only for the weak. I only need to use the bathroom once every 30th year. Thanks for subbing!

I have strong belief that I can do this, since I literally made almost 200 maps in one frikin' month! xD
Wow this game is so cool I wish I could make a good game
like this.
Thanks! With patience and hard work, anyone can do it!
Here's a blog I just uploaded that some of you may find interesting:
It's about this game and the reason I'm making it.
Is the link for Downloading the Full Version or just the Demo? Cause when I tried to download it, the file was titled "reCOI:THE DEMO WITHOUT RTP.rar" or something like that.
It's for the demo. If you don't have the RTP installed on your computer, I recommend you to download the download that features the RTP.

Still working on the full game.
I see. Its still not supported on the Android's RPGXP player so it crashes mid-game.BTW Awesome BGM! Wonder where you got it...lol
I don't have much experience with RM on Android/any other platform than PC really. Is the RPGXP player supposed to play VX games as well?

Most of the music is from Kingdom Hearts, mainly composed by Yoko Shimomura.
No wonder it sounds familiar......and yes the RPGXP player on android supports VX but will make a lot of graphic glitches....maybe its because the app is still in beta...
Probably. It would be awesome if it functioned without much/any extra bugs. Maybe we could one dat share our games on the app market. ;-)
First of all, shame on you for that profile pic, you gave me a heart attack! Anyway, subbed and can't wait!