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Official Trailer

A little present for you:

It's not just a remake of the game, it's also a remake of the actual trailer!


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Three words to describe the trailer:


You did a real nice job! I hope to see the finished product soon! :D
Thanks a lot, buddy! Glad you liked it. Hopefully, the game will be finished and ready for beta testing in a few months. ^^
So fun to see it,its very well done.
I was playing the original some months ago and its very good,but i just know this gonna be much better.
If you ever going to do a remake of number 2,please dont let the characters start at level 50.(Or is it wrong version i got,some testversion maybe?i dont know).

The Castle serie is so great and really deserves to be remaked.
I'm glad you liked it, kenlan. I think kelarly accidentally re-uploaded the beta versions after the original download was removed. I do have plans to remake CO2 and when/if I remake it, the characters will most certainly not start at such a high level.

As always, thanks for your support!
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