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Progress Report

August 13 2016

We're getting close to a demo release!

Just some finishing touches and maybe one or two more redraws of certain things.

Overall, I'd say a demo is pretty much good to go, but I feel like I'll be lying if I say any kind of release date, but please look forward to it!

Progress Report

March 17 2016

Hi guys! Long time no see!

Demo development is chugging along nicely. I'm going to be recruiting some voice actors soon to complete the demo. Just some bug fixes, playtesting, and visual stuff is needed to finish it up!

Progress Report

May 22 2015

It's May 22 aaand... no demo.

Not today, at least. I've been a bit busy but breaks are coming up in a couple weeks so I'll be able to work a lot on this. Let's shoot for an August demo release?

I uploaded some fanart a friend of mine created into Media, so why don't you check it out?

Progress Report

April 7 2015

Hello there!

You might find my development blog on Tumblr to have more flowing updates on progress reports. It's an easier platform for me to talk about the game and share images since I can access it easily through a large range of devices I have. Take a look! If you have a Tumblr, please follow!

Nonetheless, I will post some quality, nice-looking concept art and screenshots onto RMN from time to time.

Development is going smoothly, and last week I was off classes so I managed to do quite a bit of work on the game!

The demo will consist of considerable real world and surreal world exploration. You will be able to explore one (but large) area of the surreal world. The hopeful demo release date is May 22, but remember that things can happen and push back the date. Either way, I hope to release the demo within this year!

Thanks for reading!

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