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Maximus Jones is a coming-of-age story, a romantic night out at the town, and a dramatic tragedy about the loss of a loved one, all rolled into one. But really, it's just about having fun. Maximus Jones speaks in all-capitals, and you shall see why. Or not.

He is a mysterious character, always speaking in riddles about the American Dream, and what entails: the loss of a sense of identity, and ultimately, worth. That's when you know that your useful with the mafia is out of time. You either have to run for it, or take the boot. And by boot, I mean INSTANT DEATH. Your call.

This dramedy will have you clinging on the edge of your seat, gritting your teeth, and almost pissing your pants. Well, not really. It's actually just a quick puzzle game made by a developer with too much time on his hands. He should really be studying for his upcoming exam, shouldn't he? Shouldn't he? But no. He is working his hands to the bone trying to make this title a success.

Maximus Jones, everyone!

  • Traverse a Maze of Moving Boulders!

  • Quest your way through a relevant puzzle!

  • Gather items from levels, for ultimate reward!

  • Handle shop goods, and haggle your way to victory!

  • Play Blackjack for those sweet, sweet coins, yeah?

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5 Minigames: A boulder bound, chain fetch quests, be a merchant (like recettear), some random switch puzzle, and blackjack. Havent seen some of these in any other rpgmaker game before. Pretty fun.
Pages: 1