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News: Short demo of first location released!

Quincy and Amber is a co-operative puzzle adventure game that can be experienced either by yourself or with a friend. Explore a large non-linear world of locations, each one filled with puzzles meticulously crafted to provide a formidable yet satisfying set of challenges. Work in co-operation with each other to overcome obstacles. Find the Fall Festival and finish the game.

Excited yet?

Concept of the game
Quincy and Amber is divided into several locations that teach you a sort of "puzzle language". By that I mean that each location of puzzles is designed to teach you concepts that become useful in the way you approach other puzzles. For instance you might reach a puzzle in a location that you might find quite difficult to solve just because the game hasn't taught you the relevant concept yet. Conversely, when you are taught that puzzle concept in a different location of the game you can then come back to the location you were previously stuck at and think, "Wow, I actually know how to do this now", even if beforehand you may have considered the puzzle near impossible to solve. The game is trying to teach you a "language" of puzzle logic inside of this non-linear setting. The interesting thing about the puzzle logic is that it serves as a kind of locking mechanism to prevent you from accessing areas that break the story progression. This enables the game to have a completely non-linear setting while the only keys to unlock doors in the game are in your mind.

The cooperative aspect of the game is handled so that both single player and multiplayer mode are enjoyable. Some puzzles benefit from real-time cooperation between two players in order to succeed. Conversely, there are puzzles that are also designed to be easier in single-player, similar to tying your own shoelaces being easier than having two people tie your shoes for you while each hold one shoelace.

Story synopsis
Quincy, 20, and Amber, 12, are left by their mother and father to live in their house and fend for themselves in the middle of the forest. They are hungry and need to get some food at the Fall Festival. But it is so far away.

Note: Yes I know the story is bad. As it is, the plot is just a placeholder. This game focuses on gameplay anyway. But I'm probably going to want a "story person" eventually.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This is an awesome game!
Having gotten my first 4/5, I must now work hard to obtain... my second 4/5.
Downloaded it yesterday, but didn't have the time to play it for long until now.

I'm already liking the beautiful environments, the sorrowful/emotional story kickoff and the two-character mechanics!

Will be writing a review, that's for sure :D

There's one problem, though: the title screen says "Quincy and Esther". Maybe you changed her name but forgot to change it in the title?

EDIT: I'm uncertain if I should post my review already as a review, or wait to do so later, since this is still a very short demo.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
@Gretgor: You can submit your review already if you want. I don't mind. This game is on hiatus anyway, I'm working on Account Mu at the moment. Get that makerscore from posting a review. You don't have to make it rated if you don't feel comfortable with giving it a rating.

There's one problem, though: the title screen says "Quincy and Esther". Maybe you changed her name but forgot to change it in the title?

Oh. I keep forgetting to change it >_< I better do that now, then! Thanks for reminding me.


This is an awesome game!

Thx Frogge. You are too cool.
The version I played ends at the docks. Is this the same version?
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
The version I played ends at the docks. Is this the same version?

Yes. I haven't updated this since then, sorry. Hope you enjoyed what you played.
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