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For those who played the original... 2.0 'Final' Update on the way.

I've settled on and started work on the new content for the 'final' version of the game to be released onto Steam and previous services (RPGMakerNet, GameJolt, etc.) if/when this gets Greenlit.

Now warning, if you would rather play this unspoiled, it may be best that you do not read this. While I've already made a variety of small fixes and changes, this is the floor plan for what the new content will be, and I've already began working on it. This new content will define the final version of 'Close Your Eyes Redux,' and will post the game to version 2.0 or 'Final' for me.

It contains some minor spoilers for the base game, and will ruin the surprise for anyone who wants to play without knowing the changes and new content, so you've been warned;

Floor Plan for Close Your Eyes: Redux final version new content:
-New artwork for Opening 'Hanging' Scene/Game Over/New Scenes.
-New music for the new scenes.
-New surreal opening gameplay segment.
-Old locations sprinkled with new surreal otherworldly 'dream(?)' sequences that happen as you transgress normally.
-New Character who plays a role in the story, voiced role like The Host, female, ghastly and seems out of it.
-New Forest Location. A sealed-off forest complete with a strange graveyard and designed something like an abandoned park.
-Expanded 'Nightmare' location at the end of the game. The final area of the 'Leave' path expanded with new areas and scenarios.
-New 'Final' Area, taking place after where the Leave Ending ended in the original Redux version.
-Two new endings to go along the previous two endings for Close Your Eyes: Redux.
-New scenes and segments with The Host.
-New segments with The Girl added earlier in the game.
-A New Monster, who plays a role now through the game.

There you go, that's the floor-plan for the new content. If Greenlight goes smoothly and development (which it should), this should all be done by Summer 2015, Hope it sounds interesting to those who played, and is executed well in the final game. Working hard on it all.

Steam Greenlight Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=447634612