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Close Your Eyes on Steam Update

Close Your Eyes will be coming out July 24th on Steam, sans any problems arising, and simultaneously also release on sites it's previously been released on, IE RPGMaker.net, GameJollt, Itch.io, etc. The version being released I am personally calling, "Close Your Eyes: Redux Final Expansion", which features a lot of new content from the previously released versions of the game.

The game should be over twice as long as the original Redux version of the game, and include all sorts of new locations, gameplay moments, story, endings, and unexpected twists and turns. I'm doing a lot of new scenes with all the characters from the main game, but there's also a new fourth main character to join the cast I hope you guys find appropriately odd. I also don't want to spoil anything, but I think the new content people will find very satisfying, I think the horror element is topped by the new final expansion from anything previously found in the game, and the mystery and intrigue still excretes from it and is much deeper than it's ever been before. Can't wait to see previous players reaction to the new content.

The game will be free for anyone to download and play, but in an effort to get some cash and to allow the game to potentially have trading cards, I have made a little DLC goodie bag for anyone who would like to support the product. The goodie bag I'm putting some additional effort to make it cool, it includes music, artwork, some cool little developer things, and a couple of bonus fun little extra things in the game, including a fun little tie-in optional location based off of my previous game, Girl's Graveyard. That will cost $1.99. My artist, Rincs, has also been working hard to make the trading cards, badges, backgrounds, and emotes be appropriately cool, so here's hoping we get approved for that.

The Steam page should go live towards the beginning of July, I'll have more news to announce then. In the meantime, please, close your eyes, and enjoy.