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Close Your Eyes: Redux is on the following playlists...
Play List User Description
Play List Mintymoth Default Playlist
Play List emailgrnx Default Playlist
Play List Kerathreia
Play List Cartylove Default Playlist
Play List kazumitakashi Default Playlist
want to play List mariam Default Playlist
Play List cellpop Default Playlist
Horror Games Kli Puzzle Adventure
Play List Meepyy
Play List Pesadawn Default Playlist
Play List Tokoko Default Playlist
Play List niewribbon Default Playlist
Play List ooelsonhass Default Playlist
PseudoCrystal Played / Playing / Will Play
To be Played & Review ClareyMarie
Play List yuvi3000 Default Playlist
Play List sheepy-mareep Default Playlist
Done qqq_qq_q
Play List KimchiTofu Default Playlist
Play List rncobernroxan Default Playlist
Play List iozzilemu Default Playlist
Scary Time missyaoibl The best games about horror and mystery.
Play List PoofieLoofie Default Playlist
Completed Games bicfarmer I played (and finished) these games myself. Yay.
Play List AngelaBrown Default Playlist
Karamelts' Games to Play! karamelts Let's play, enjoy, and critique together @ karamelts.tumblr.com
Play Later Trikacka Games to play when I have time
Played Rosetta22 Games I highly recomend
Horror Threm
Adventure and Puzzle ModeGone I should separate these but many Adventure games are puzzle heavy.
to play alalampone I'll get to it.
Played/Completed Games Kerathreia Games that I have played and completed
Backlog Kett I'll get aound to it.... Probably...
Played MidnightRose
Short and reviewable CashmereCat
VXACE Govinda Playlist
Completed Games acornz123 Games I've played/beat !!
playlist lixiun horror,puzzle
want to play but haven't gongnongjie
Things to check out Mirak Games i need to make a space in my schedule to play
Horror's Puzzle HatsuneRiz