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A new, fresh horror genre

I found the video trailer captivating. This is why I played the game, quite frankly.

It's difficult to describe what this story is about. In the beginning of the game, you're a murderer who escapes execution through a big stroke of luck; but even then, I'm uncertain if that was only being figuratively conveyed, by the convoluted dimension the main character travels into. Other characters include your sister(whose motives are unclear to me), and a mysterious/creepy host who pops up to quiz you. It's a confusing script, yet adds a fresh new outlook of horror-genre gaming. So, the story was decent. Two different endings was a bonus. Story 8/10

This is puzzle-oriented gameplay, if I had to describe it. The majority of puzzles involved answering tricky riddles, using your powers of deduction to progress further into the game. It wasn't bad, it wasn't exceptionally good, either. It was merely up to standards, yet very well-complimented by the direction Close Your Eyes took. Nevertheless, this is certainly not a game focused heavily on gameplay. Gameplay 6/10

The music was selected with the feel of the game in mind, rather than the individual quality of each soundtrack. As a horror-genre title, this is to be expected. Did the music fit the game? Yes. Music 6/10

Decent. Custom-made art is always a welcome addition. The background and sprites had a dark atmosphere to them. I adored the creativity of the creatures; most notably the brown, squiggly, humanoid-shaped beings. Just from looking at the images you come across in the game, you can tell that the aesthetics the developer had in mind came clearly to him/her. Sidenote: The voice acting was phenomenal. Artwork 8/10

The download was worth my time. So many of the other horror games on this site are so tiresome, with their cliche young-girl protagonists, lack of meaningful story, etcetera. But not Close Your Eyes. The scary scenes were not at all pretentious, yet still creepy. The characters, gameplay, story and aesthetics are all boiled into a well-made cake. Overall 7/10