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History of Outlaw City

Outlaw City wasn't always called by that name, it was previously known as Generation City, a city outside of the reach of foreign policy and law.

The short but powerful history of this city was forged during the beginning of the Energy Depression, when Generation Corporation promised the impossible; nearly infinite, cheap energy. With only two strings attached.

Although disbelieved at first, Gen. Corp proved their claims and were granted their concessions by the world governments:

First, the funding to create their endless supply of power, the Infinity Generators.
And secondly, land and complete sovereignty.

And so Generation City was formed next to the four gigantic Infinity Generators that fed the energy needs of the world for years.

Still afraid of another budding energy crisis, and given breathing room, countries frantically developed other forms of energy; thermal, advanced solar, large hydroelectric plants, and other forms advanced and soon were enough by themselves.

Their timing was perfect as the next year a huge and impenetrable domed barrier formed around the generators, cutting the power flow out to miniscule levels.

Without the interest of the world at stake, Generation City fell into a lull, and it's only other product, freedom from world laws, became it's primarly sales point.

For several years, Generation City became a place of crime and crusades, black markets and money lenders flocked and many transactions were performed within the city. Things were going poorly, and as history had shown, downward trends had a nasty habit of continuing.

The shield that had blocked access to the Infinity Generators had been leaking a strange radiation, one which began to affect the citizen. Nearly unnoticable at first, things began to speed up, and soon citizens found themselves changed.

The changes were not always disfiguring, and they were usually not even negative. People soon found themselves possessing increased physical attributes, and some found themselves able to control the elements or use powers not unlike those of comic-book superheroes.


Sahra Vintage

The protagonist of this story, more or less, Sahra's history is less shady than it might seem, although her future more murky.

Mistress Mystic

Her memory erased after an escape from Gen Corp, Mystic seems to be more the protagonist than Sahra, although it always seems to be Sahra that bears the brunt of the troubles caused.


1.Customized RTAB system!
. . . A. Customized Skill Effects, ranging from Transformations to special buffs to % HP reduction and more.
. . . B. Specialized MP replacement: Stamina, which recovers each turn.
. . . C. HP and Stamina regen levels replaces old item healing and "heal" botting.
. . . D. Raised effectiveness of debuffs and "holds."
. . . E. Removal of "Item" command.
. . . F. Damage caused raises a character's "stress," which is used perform special "Super powers."
2. Customized Skill Learning and Enhancement System!
3. Full range of dynamic difficulty levels!
4. End-game Score ranking based on numbers of fights and difficulty levels!
5. Enemy level scaling and special attacks which are only released in higher difficulty levels!
6. 5+ Full Hours of Gameplay.
7. Variable ending based on your performance.
8. Short special feature after the ending.
9. New Game+


Sprites, Tilesets, Auto-Tilesets, Battlers, and Animations:

~Mack (http://www.mogunet.net/~mack/looseleaf/)
Naramura (http://naramura.kdn.ne.jp/)
Seen (http://seen-grr.s64.xrea.com/)
ccoa (Modern girl)
ganonfrog (http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a295/bobnsquire/coolguy.png)
Harlock (http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/9623/400tessanuova4kl.png)
Zakkaya (http://brightport.nobody.jp/zakkaya/rtp.htm)
Pickle/IceAxe (http://www012.upp.so-net.ne.jp/iceax/framepage1.htm)
RTP Project (http://neortp.k-server.org/)
Nakkuruman (http://homepage2.nifty.com/nakkuruman/)
Longinus (http://longinus.secret.jp/material/index.html)
zanyzora (http://www.rmxp.org/forums/local_links.php?catid=15&linkid=512)
Erk (http://www.rmxp.org/forums/local_links.php?catid=15&linkid=15)
Ask (http://www.rpgshrine.altervista.org/home.htm)
Tio (http://www.rpgshrine.altervista.org/home.htm)
Hypershadow180 (http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b77/Hypershadow180/Characters/)
Strawberry Quartz (http://www.geocities.jp/yuh_strawberry/rpg_xp.html)
RR (http://v-r.hp.infoseek.co.jp/)

Matt Pollard
DJ Gemini

Dubealex (AMS)
Near Fantastica (AMS)
Cogswheel (RTAB and Combat)
SephirothSpawn (Catepillar/Trail Script)

Custom Art, Title Screen, Testing, Custom Sprites:

Latest Blog

Blast from the Past - Updated!

It's been a long time that I've wanted to do this, finally got around to it!

Final "update" for Outlaw City - Less of an upgrade and more just fixing the balance in combat (enemies had enormous HP and battles dragged on sometimes with Stamina being sapped too easily or attacks being hard to chain.) Most of the game has a much different feel now however.

Change Log:
- Combat is now fast-paced and short
- Each PC has had skills changed to be free or increase their Stamina on use to avoid the need to build Stamina (for example Mystic's Flash gives stamina regen for 1 round, and Proto's Kinetic Shield gives stamina back and costs nothing, and many more)
- Damage on various attacks has been increased
- Enemies have been balanced to be more dangerous but have less massive HP
- Barriers are now on a 2 turn and 6 turn timer (for single target and team respectively)
- Some notes on the combat system were fixed
- Minor bugs fixed during the playthrough
- Fixed bug in second to last blooper (music and background sound not fading before last blooper)

Updated file is now available as the primary download!
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  • 10/10/2008 01:24 PM
  • 05/09/2022 10:30 AM
  • 07/21/2010
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None of the tile, sprite, character (etc) sets are installed in the download, only thing there is audio so... :/
Sorry, this requires the RTP, I'll see about getting a no-RTP download up.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I can't believe no one has written a review for this game!
Where'd you get the script for the battle style from? It's amazing! And how'd you get the cool character battler graphics? They're really good!
The battle system script is 75% RTAB (by Cogswheel, in credits) and 25% custom changes.

The battler art is custom made by Yaoumei (in credits).
Custom made? What website? And where? I'm bad at looking at websites...
Oh yes, extra question, where did you get the characters from?
I'm not sure how where Cogswheel's stuff is anymore, you'd need to search for it.

The characters are based on my characters from an old MMO.
Oh yes, can I use your city & battle music for my RPG? It's just I LOVE it. (I'm not a freak, either. It's okay to say no.)
??? I just looked up Yaoumei... Nothing of the sort...
Good game but the flood thing near Gen. Corp is creeping me out now, i can't get past it...
It's not really "my" music, so go ahead and keep in mind it's probably all licensed music. Most of the music in the game is actually RTP though few notice and comment on that.
Thanks. The battle tunes are great- I've been looking ALL over for some good music! Maybe I should see about trying yours and another RPG Maker's, most of the battle music is RUBBISH.
Why not put up some of your characters into the resources? I mean, I bet a lot of people would like to use them...
What website did you get Bane's battler graphic from? I found it when I was on holiday but I can't find it now...
I'm not sure anymore, several of the links are dead now, I'm pretty sure it was one of those. :(
Well, there IS another game with one of the resources from the website with Bane's graphic, so I'll see if they can help.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
The antagonist of this story, more or less, Sahra's history is less shady than it might seem, although her future more murky.

Uh, you mean PROtagonist, right? I'd assume this was just a slip/typo except you make the same mistake in the next sentence. (I am playing this now.)
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