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Game Design

Hurrahh!! 3D mode effects and different kind of puzzle mechanics!

It happened that a month ago, I saw an old video of horror shooter game made with RPG XP which uses 3D mapping mode and it was done well. This had inspired me to do it too for this game and finally, I've found an awesome script called ''Mode 7'' by MGcatogel. This script actually had existed since 2008 and many updated versions had been released ever since then.

However, this script was mainly designed for people who wish to built world map or outdoor map in pseudo 3D mode and not recommended for the indoor kind of map like inside of building. If you appear to come across this script or using it, then you know what I meant.

With lots and lots of map editing and adding some tricks, along with continous run testing to make the map works as it should be (only lord knows the hell I've been through XD), I am happy and satisfied with the outcome and here I shared with you a bit of my work.

Game like Ao Oni was prized for it puzzles which seems almost not possible to be done with RPG maker. The picture sliding puzzles and puzzles where you can use your cursor to solve it is an example of what I meant. I had no luck with finding suitable script so I did some of these puzzles in my own way and yay! it works!

Watch the video!

Note : Due to hardship of making maps in 3D mode, I'm only going to add this effects to the 5th story (final story) which is the Kai nightmare's world that happens in hospital where he works. And starting from 3rd story to 5th, you will find this kind of puzzles. Yes the video seems lag a bit but that mainly because my pc performance is a bit slow lately because it's quite heavy with many stuff. Other note, I also will add shooter mechanics where you need to shot enemies in certain level. Again, thanks for your supports and patience, everyone.


Akumu disc 2 - Tips and strategy

1. When exploring the town, you didn't want to miss the chance talking to the cashier of the Fast food restaurant, dollmaker(talk to him before goes into the mart) and Brock.

2. Get ready with button D when enemy is chasing you. In case you are bad at dodging and get hits frequently, smash the button. Just make sure you've got sufficient amount of first aid.

3. If it possible, DON'T ENTERS ROOMS OR SMALL PLACES when enemy is chasing you. The reason is it much easier to dodge enemy if you are outdoors.

4. Apart of visible first aid, there are hidden ones too. Do some treasure hunt and you will find them around the town.

5. How to defeat skin ripper a.k.a Mr. skeleton in the finale? Well, just lure him to the leaking gas and when he gets frozen, smash it with hammer. I suggest you hit him 5 times and retreat because he will unfreeze and chase you back. Did the same step several times and Walla! Victory will be yours.

6. The first aid in 2nd story is completely hidden. Yeah, just look for them. Before you enters the room which you heard crying, head down and check the other locked room to find a hidden man inside the room.

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