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I will skipped the town exploration where you need to find beef jerky and get the DVD because it is quite simple but I suggest you talk to Dollmaker, the cashier with scar on her face and Brock.

1. First story - (R.I.P)

Fix the power supply.You need to push the pipes to correct location and if you had misplaced it, get out from the room and re-enter it. The pipes which at wrong spot will be in its original position back.

Yippie! the gate is open now but you have been disturbed with an appearance of Skeleton guy known as Skin ripper. After he disappeared, this is where the 'time bomb' start. Time bomb means you got certain time to lollygagging around the town before you got a surprised attack from Skin ripper. So don't waste time sightseeing or enjoying the view and lets focus on the 3 main quest.

Quest 1 - ''Treat for carnivorous Mr.Wormy.''
This is when you need to take the lever without ended up being a snack to the worm in the hole. First, head into the building above the hole, check the tightly shut cupboard and obtain the human flesh. Now, exit the room and go find the other giant hole with a blood spot nearby it. Place the meat and wait the worm come out to feast on it. Once done, go and fetch the lever.

Quest 2 - ''Destroy the car, bro.''
Now, head into the building where you see a rusty car outside. Place the lever and go to the setting controller. Pick lift setting and enter lowest negative value, -16.8 and proceed to drop setting by select +1.5. Lastly, pull the lever and heard something got dropped outside so get out from there and received a tyre.

Make your way to the toxic pond and retrieve the hammer. You got the hammer so it is smashing time! Go and hit the fire hydrant until it leaks and put down the fire. Now get inside to peek the final clue. Hint : Shape determines the number. I.e, triangle means '3', circle is '0' and so on. Memorize it before you go to the pool located below the power station.

Quest 3 - ''What's in the pool?''
It quite obvious why you can't go close to the pool's stairs when you see monsters swimming inside it. Now, go to the exposing wire and press enter to dunk it into the water. See the wooden crate nearby you? Push it to reveal a switch. Lets say goodbye to these charming monsters before you pull down the switch.

You have got rid the monster, it's is time to insert password into each pump. If you checked the blueprint in power station, you will know the pump number.
Top left - Pump 3 (P3) : 0040
Bottom left - Pump 1 (P1) : 0304
Top right - Pump 2 (P2) : 3063
Bottom right - Pump 4 (P4) : 5060

The water will subside right after that and reveal a underground stairs. Head down and quickly enter room on you right before the spider got you. In that room, take note of 2 leaking pipe above you and a moving switch. Now stand under the leaking pipe and smash enter/spacebar when the switch pass under it. You will see word ''Don't'' appear, giving a complete vlue ''DON'T FOLLOW FOOTPRINTS.'' and receive a key from other pipe.

Now, quickly unlocked the door to enter a maze. Remember the clue, if you see the footprints head to the left, avoid going there. Uh-oh, it seems Mr. Wormy is not satisfied with previous meal and comes to get more so run! Walk left, down, right, down, left, up, down and finally right. You'll see the exit door.

Quest 4 - ''Takes down the Skin ripper.''
After the hell you've been through with the worm, take a deep breath and check the door with a hole in front of you. You can peek the hole for fun. Now, back on serious matter. If you go right and saw the tv, it is advisable to leave it alone when it flashing with red screen because it will ''kill'' you.

Head to the left and saw 2 switches. You can pick any of these switches but for good luck, I will suggest the switch on the right. Done it and lets face the horror behind the door with the peephole. You reach the door and it will open, as if it invites you to come in.

You don't want to end up having your skin ripped and hanged to the wall so avoid Skin ripper. Luring him to the leaking gas is not a problem but be sure not to run far from him at the moment he got frozen by the gas because you HAVE TO HIT him when he got frozen. For beginner, gives 5 or 6 hits and retreat because it will unfroze and chase you back. Did this few times until he 'dies'. I usually press enter as fast as I can to smash it during its frozen state and it only takes me 2 times to kill him.

Once finish, give the remaining of the skeleton a good lesson (talk to it.) to trigger an event. You will hear a Christmas music coming outside so lets go to the tv again. Talk to the nice dude where he asked for your help before you watch the tv which now showing flashing white screen.


2. Second story - (Unloving Santa.)

Warning! : Display disturbing and probably offensive elements of murdering, witchcraft and suicide. Viewer discretion is advisable.

Quest 1 - ''Talk to the frightening children.''
You ended up in a reading room and the tv is showing red flashing screen again. Ignores it and check the bookshelf. Memories the title ''Doublefaced Monster.'' and notice one of the ''glow in dark'' marker went missing. Also take careful note from the crazy maid drawing and the story of ''headless Santa.'' and a locked blue chest.

Exit the room and enters the big door under the chandelier. However, I advise you go down first to check the locked door where a frightened man is hiding. Explore a bit around to find 2 locked doors with 2 ''words puzzles'', one is the pale looking lady where you need to enter her name and another one is a statue of a man killing the other one with club.

Now back to the big door and meet the children. The quest here is simple. You need to reveal a creepy story by talking to Lucy first, the one who stood at the right side of the littler boy. Then proceed to the little boy and finally Lily.

Crucial note : Do anything possible to remember the clue given by Lily which related to 3 bells. She told you to :
1. Bring the 'wish' comes to 'alive' = Ring the Green bell.
2. 'Destroy' the 'sin'= Destroy red bell.
3. 'Preserve' the 'joy' = Leave the yellow bell undisturbed.

Head out and at the moment you touch the door, you heard scream and chopping. Something must had happened to the guy who hid inside the locked room. Check the guy and then, hell will happen and the Santa will chase you.

After you had escaped, go to see the poor guy again. Get the crowbar beside him and took the picture piece from his dead body. Notice the voodoo doll on bed and a locked drawer. You can't do anything yet so let go and get rid the statue which blocking the stairs.

Quest 2 - ''Let's hunt the bells.''
Once you got rid the statue, head down to the dining room. There is a fancy Christmas feast and the odd thing you find is there are no presents under the Christmas tree. Anyway, talk to the maid to unlock the kitchen door and living room door. Before anything else, please check the bookshelf and read the ''Voodoo'' thing and ''Quantum law of physics.''

I suggest you go to the living room where you can see a book on sofa. Read it and notice the red colored letters. If you gather the letters, you will get words ''Erzsebet.''. Remember this and then check the picture on the wall.

The picture which resembling the statue you saw upstairs and notice a glow in dark marker below the picture. This means there is a hidden message but it only appear when it dark so you need to go to the room on right side and pull off the curtain to reveal a switch. Turn off the switch and check the picture again to see word ''Qabil'' written across it. Remember this as well. Now, you've found the password for the painting and for the statue upstairs.

Before you leave the room, you may want to push the demon statue. Enter 0050 for its weight and once it moves away, you can take the small drawer key inside the hole.

After that, head outside the house by entering the door below the demonic statue. You can see a dog house and an empty dish plate. You see the well but can't seems to find way to get through the fence. So here is the hint. Did you spot the footprints heading from the fence to the well? If you do, then go to the fence part where the footprints coming from and hit spacebar. What is this? You can hit the fence! Hit it until it breaks and now you can reach the well and get an empty bucket. Be careful with Spooky. It got disturbed with the noises and you need to wait until it retreat back to its home before going out from there.

Now head to the left side to see several snowmen. Don't worry if you accidentally awake the evil frosty because it will disappear after short time. Now find the blue key. Done this and head back to the house and go upstairs.

Quest 3 - ''Oh look, it's Robo san!''
Well, it's become easy since you've got almost every clues and items. First, go back to the room with tv inside and unlocked the blue chest. You will find your long, lost favorite toy Robo san and a needle stuck to it. Now, get out there and enter the password ''Erzsebet'' to the lady painting and ''Qabil'' to the statue.

In one of the room, you will see an empty bathtub and word ''Blood Bath'' on wall. Check the table and received dagger. Exit the room and go to the room with voodoo doll. Unlock the drawer and receive a hair. Check the voodoo doll and do as it says in the book before. Last option is to pick ''heart'' If you picked eyes out of curiosity of what will happen, you may do so but NOT recommended.

Quest 4 - ''Ding dong bells.''
You heard some scream and yep, it come from the maid. Head to the kitchen and you see her lying dead. Fill the bucket with blood and head back to the room with bathtub. Pour the blood. The red bell suddenly floating on surface. Destroy the bell and you are done. If you pick wrong choices, you will see disturbing thing after you went out the room and it will be over.

Now, go back to the room below the statue of 2 men where you inserted word ''Qabil'' for it. It's now unlocked and see goddess statue that ask you to enter the ''number of joy'' but you don't know what it was. Check the paper on the wall nearby with symbols of mistletoe, star, Christmas tree and Icicle. You may notice there are objects similar to these signs scattering around the house in different number. Like 'counting the sheep', you have to find and count each items. In the end enter the number you got and pick leave the yellow bell alone.

If you've done any of 2 bells, you will start to hear noises coming from the door where the children are. If you check it, you will find the Santa is now trying to get into the room! This is a cue for you to finish the last bell.

Lastly, head to the kitchen and go to the meat room. Take out some of the fresh meat and go outside. Place the meat into the dog dish and now, you can go right and open the door safely. If you don't put the dog treat, the dog will bite off your head when you try to open the gate which will lead you to 3 different statues.

Remember the title from the book you read previously? Now enter that words to suitable statues and done. Now put the photo piece to the one on the pillar to reveal a shocking truth. After this is done, a green bell will appear and you need to pick ring.

Now check the Santa who tried to break the door before.