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Legends speak of a great hero who will rise up and defeat the Dark Lord. This is not the story of that hero.

The Difficult Second Quest is a twist on the Final Fantasy fangame genre. It uses Final Fantasy lore in a dark comedy setting.

All of Bieune knows and loves the story of the legendary Tybalt who defeated the Dark Lord and saved the world.. But what happens to a world where everyone is trying to be the next great hero?

The paths of six anti-heroes collide and they find themselves embarking on a quest that has none of the heroism of the legends. The adventurers are confronted with increasingly difficult choices that sets them down a dark path, which poisons their sense of justice and sets them against each other.

In the first half of the story, each character has their own point of view chapter, which introduces their storyline and allows the player to get to know each party member.

Chapter 1 is from the point of view of Roy who dreams of one day growing up to be a blacksmith just like his father. However, when a young, plucky group of adventurers visit his isolated mountain village he immediately becomes enthralled by the idea of becoming an adventurer himself. Nothing is going to stop Roy from becoming the hero he knows he is and he'll do anything to prove that. Even if it means murdering every innocent person he comes across.

Each of the six main characters has a class that is an advanced version of one of the 6 main Final Fantasy classes. By equipping Class Crystals they can add a support class. Levelling these support classes unlocks new commands and passives that can be equipped, which allow for in-depth customisation.

For a full list of abilities that can be learned from Support Classes, please see the Class Guide.

Sometimes when an enemy is defeated a party member will earn a "Limit Link". If two party members each have a Limit Link they can combine their powers for a mighty attack.

Prologue: The Red Knight: Available
Chapter 1: The Hero: Available
Chapter 2: The White Wizard: In Progress
Chapter 3: The Paladin: Pending
Chapter 4: The Brute: Pending
Chapter 5: The Black Wizard: Pending


Approximately 2-3 of gameplay.

Latest Blog

Chapter 2 progress

First off, a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed and downloaded so far. It is much appreciated! I am currently working on the 2nd chapter and at present I have completed the first draft of the introduction and the first dungeon.

The second chapter will be from Edmund's perspective, who some might remember from the prologue. Rievaulx makes a return as Edmund's companion and they are also joined by a new character, Yong. Edmund asks Rievaulx out on a date to the local swamp in a desperate attempt to put off his revision. However, in doing so they uncover a sinister conspiracy in the town of Nasadass that due to religious turmoil is on the brink of chaos.


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Seems good. I hope it won't get too epic or turned on its had somehow (like having a serious finale). Subsold.

eDIT: There is a download ready to download. I haven't noticed it before.
Hi Cap_H and thanks for the feedback. I agree that a jarring shift in tone can often kill a good story and I have every intention of keeping it consistent :).
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
You have to admire the little guy with the big dreams, I'll be watching this one.

Pretty Good one cernus,atleast someone finally makes a parody game in rm2k3,I'm looking froward to this one.
Played it, loved it.
Might wanna get this checked
Nice catch BaconAndEgg :P. I have no idea how I let that slip by. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for letting me know about that mistake.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok, played it, enjoyed it. So now I just have to wait until you finish it. :).

Hey, uh, I hope this doesn't come off as weird and creepy.
I replayed your game again while I was waiting for GTA V to finish installing and I came across this;
Not at all! Thanks very much for the bug report - I've fixed it now and so the right-sided teleport event should work properly in the next version. I'll take the fact that you played it a second time as a good sign :P. Please let me know if anything else occurs to you.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts includes spoilers
bold=what i consider important

the dialog in this is so hard to get behind because the insane use of words that normal people don't use!

the mages in the sewer are extremely annoying...you get put in a maze with them and can run into 2-3 at once. with there magic spells doing around 230+...your potions get wasted quickly :/

the story just went full retard! leave him be...all he did was mistake a animal for steel...even people in the biblical days weren't this retarded >.>

oh no...we go from whats probably the most interesting character in this entire story to this? this is unfair!
at least follow her past!

that's a real priest evil people that spread false crap! i love it!

poor young blond...crazy...

he still says smiths don't steal even tho he wants to be a hero now XD

he is stealing to protect people from thief's lol!

you don't gain experience??? maybe should make level 1 max level then?
^with roy

the insane bug boss was so dam annoying! :O 4 minions and nerf attack and speed!?

that bastard...teasing me with a legendary weapon o.o

Holy SHIT those people are adventurers and they are that stupid!? and what adult calls a child a stalker!?

20 Goliath shells is too much! you don't always run into that enemy and theres less then a 50% chance of getting it! reduce it to 5-10!

they don't give you money either so healing is limited! you could try to manage if you lucky fighting the slimes and get a slime ball
and you have the sword with the shield to fight as long as possible

escape is pointless if it does not work. regular enemies should work 100% of the time

what does blue hair have to do with saving the world!?

well the crystal class change was unexpected now can gain exp but it does not explain it before!

roys character makes no sense to me...he is evil tho unaware of it...has big dreams of saving the world...but will listen to his parents when they tell him he is grounded? ...

holy...shi...the people in this world are so fucking retarded how do they manage to survive? how are you able to cook when you talk into a burning building and get stuck?

he only killed half the people in the village??? but roy said....34 people entered....that's more then 3x the amount of people in the village!

is silver chip a passive item? i cant use it.

them parents are strong XD who knew being a mother and cooking every day gave you battle power?!

the dad stole the cross bow and you don't get it back after winning?

i did not enjoy this game,not a fan of pointless battles,most of the characters were unreasonably stupid given any age/era and i don't like the character that it seems most of the game s going to revolve around.
i did like the girl at the start

battlewise anyway the game improves substantially when you
obtain the ability to alter your class

I would not recommend this.but for the sake of not being bias play if you like time consuming games.
I don't think you've understood that this is a comedy.
Cernus, the 2shared link is expired. Please, reupload.
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