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Apparently, updating bimonthly is my thing.

  • meaka
  • 06/17/2016 06:45 AM
Where have I been? Well, uh...

Let's just say I've been a little preoccupied with other games hahahaaaaa.

But either way, it's time for a good ol' update, I think!

  • Cool Milestone: as of tonight, I only have three more tilesets left to complete! That's very exciting because they are probably the most time-consuming asset to make outside of actual Flash animations. Granted, my lazy self did leave the hardest ones for last so that will be an adventure.
  • With that said, about 80% of the maps in the game are fully built and connected. I've been just using standard RTP for the basic build of ones with unfinished tilesets and then go back and add events proper once I finish them off.
  • Though fine-tuning in necessary in a few areas, the first segment is entirely playable.
  • I already want to redo nearly all of the bust images because the current ones bug me now h-haha. Though I'll probably sit on those and do those later, like I intend to do with the animations. Save that stuff for last and fight RMXP first!!!
  • I was at a mini war with myself on the subject of added voice acting for the animated cutscenes, but after consulting some peers and some deep self-searching, I decided those would be unnecessary, probably jarring (as I'm not a fan of Mad Father-esque "anime noises" and wouldn't use voices anywhere but cutscenes), and it'd take time to find VAs, so they will be voiceless!

That said, though I've come a long way, I still have more to go so I can't just pat myself on the back yet! Thank you all for your continued patience and interest in my project and I hope you continue to support me on this wild ride.