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A Very Belated Progress Report

  • meaka
  • 09/30/2017 06:12 AM

Though the good news is that by not updating this site in uhhhhhh 7 months, it looks like I've gotten a lot more done...! (That's not how that works, but Small Victories!)

Admittedly, I have been very busy with real life obligations (and also in between doing a few cutscene illustrations for a cool game you guys should check out if you get a chance!) so I haven't had ideally as much time to dedicate to my game as I could. But then, I guess I'd like to dedicate maybe half of my time but alas, student loans and what have you.

In my eternal indecision, I made another title screen. I might stick with this one for real, but I think I thought the same about the last one this time last year h-haha.

I've also been touching up (and in Seal's case, completely redrawing) the bust images because I clearly haven't learned to put in placeholders first and then add the shiny pretty art so I'm not constantly redoing things down the line. But it's also kind of nice to be able to track how my art evolves.

Needless to say, a good chunk of what I've been doing is of the cosmetic variety. There's been countless hours tossed at RMXP, too, it's all just stuff that is very hard to show visually. Two eventing situations that I thought were going to be a nightmare to get to work actually came together pretty smoothly. They require a bit of polish but are at least working! Also I needed to redo a 27-page event because it stopped working all of a sudden on me but at least I could use that opportunity to optimize it and make it less... convoluted? Sure, let's go with that.

Either way, I have more done than what I have left to do and that is an incredibly exciting prospect!!! I'm still reluctant to give a solid date because I know who I am and also I don't want to toss out some arbitrary day and feel the need to rush it or something. But either way, progress has reached... mmmmaybe 85%? That last 15 is gonna kill me for sure, but I'll make sure it gets done regardless.

As always, thank you all for your continued patience and I hope soon I will be able to provide you with a thing to play!