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over. is a short game of survival and resource management. As you wander through ruins overgrown with hungry flora, you'll have to choose what risks are worth taking and keep a constant eye on your stamina. Blaze your own trail as you try to find safety in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.

Gameplay revolves around stamina. Every second, your stamina goes down by one, and it decreases by three every time you make a normal attack. Stamina is also the base damage of melee attacks. Ranged attacks, on the other hand, deal heavy damage independent of stamina, but you'll need ammunition. You could also use a grenade for an easy victory, but grenades are also used to clear obstacles. It's your choice.

Arrow Keys: Movement
Z Key: Interact, Select
X Key: Menu, Back

Find food to recover stamina.
Hide in tall grass to avoid scorpions.
Use grenades to clear rubble.
Rest in beds to recover health at the cost of ten stamina.

Eiswind - Script
Frontier Works - Character, Faces
Jake Kydd - Music
Joel Steudler - Music
Patrick De Arteaga - Music
SHIGEKICHI - Tileset, Title, Gameover
I apologize if I mis-attributed or missed an attribution. I did try really hard.

RTP is included in the download.

Latest Blog

It's finally here.

It's been a long year since I first released over. Too long, really. Alas. This new version is a huge improvement over the original, featuring:
  • Improved stealth system that rewards a careful approach, even if you choose to attack

  • Improved difficulty settings

  • Revised flavor text

  • Easter eggs

  • Other tiny revisions that no one but myself will actually notice

  • Completed
  • michaelthegm
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 04/12/2015 02:51 AM
  • 07/13/2016 09:11 PM
  • 04/30/2015
  • 19174
  • 9
  • 136


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First comment again! Survival games are relatively frequent here, though, so it might not attract much more interest. Not much to say about the game so far. I kind of thought scorpions liked to be in tall grass, though, and [url=[url=http://www2.ca.uky.edu/entomology/entfacts/ef633.asp]tall grass[/url]]university link[/url] appears to back me up.
Well, see, they're giant scorpions, and they have bad eyesight, and this is special radioactive video game grass that projects a psychic perception field...which is to say that I thought it would be fun to introduce an alternative to fighting the scorpions, namely, stealth. I was much more concerned with giving the player options than with being strictly realistic. The whole game is slightly abstract.
Just finished it. Defeated the last guy and found the final note, took a couple retries and eventually killed the boss using my badass assault rifle. Overall, a good game, I had fun playing it. Although, I wish those scorpions weren't chasing me like heat-seeking missiles.

Pro-tips (Move along if you enjoy a good challenge):

Save often, I guess.

You hit harder when your stamina is full, Use this opportunity to dispatch those flowers without wasting ammo.

IMHO, Food > Grenades > Bullets > Medicines

I feel like it is better to finish off the scorpions early rather than wasting your stamina waiting for them to go away

There are 2 chests directly below where you start. Get them as soon as possible.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the assault rifle and the game. Do you have any suggestions about the scorpions?
I don't know if this is worth the trouble, maybe add some kind of field of vision to the scorpion? E.g: unless the player is within the cone of vision (MGS-style), the scorpions won't give chase. Or make the scorpions go away faster when the player is hiding in tall grass.
Hm. After dismissing the idea as beyond my capabilities, I cudgeled my brains for a method to dynamically determine the cone of vision, one which I felt quite proud of until I tried it out and the scorpion couldn't find anything to save its life. Due to the four-directional nature of RPG Maker VX Ace, a ninety degree turn almost always shifts the cone of vision away from the player. I'll keep tinkering with it. Thanks for the idea.
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random thoughts
interesting choice of style it seems?

only 2 saves :O

i really hate it when people associate humanity with the world. world means the planet and as you can see it just fine!

the end was pretty vague this fails plot wise

General GP 15-20ish minutes (ignoring dying and redoing parts)
really not much to say here at all.the game play is standard,the plots mostly strait forward (except the weird ending) and was made using all rtp not that it matters here.

its short why not try it?
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