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Frey Smith has been experiencing terrifying nights since one week. When he goes to bed he can hear agonizing cries, strange sounds, an invisible and evil presence next to him... He bought this nice and cheap house, looking forward to a calm and normal life, but now he is starting to regret it. One night, overwhelmed, he decides he has to put an end to all and as soon as the torture begins he steps out of his bed to investigate from where are those horrible screams coming from. As hours pass on the nightmare will get more and more intense and a dark secret will be revealed. Will Frey survive the dark night in his house and discover the meaning of these bad dreams?

Darkest Dreams is a short old school dark horror game meant to last about an hour. It is necessary to have the RTP to be able to play.

Available languages: English, Spanish.

Coming up next are some reccommendations to hype the experience of playing this game:

- Play in the darkness with your headphones on.
- Be aware of details and get inmersed in the story which develops as you go further into the dream.
- You can play window or full screen mode, though it is better to use the window mode since the textures used in the game aren't meant to work 100% in full screen (not 100% but should be pretty fine).
- Enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it. ;)

Latest Blog

Darkest Dreams Remake in MV

Hi everyone. It's been many years since "Darkest Dreams", my first ever game, was released in this website. I remember it being a great struggle to finish as I had never used any tool like RPGMaker VX ACE to develop, but things got done eventually thanks to constant work and motivation.

It was nice to see generally positive and sincere reviews so I decided to continue making games like "An Evil Night" and the "Alone in the Dark Remake", which are both available here too. It was cool and rewarding to get more experience and skills with these.

And now, a couple of years after the last game, I decided that "Darkest Dreams" deserved a revisit and a face wash.

I thought of the RPGMaker MV tool as an enhancement, and it surely has been, so I have worked a couple of months on putting everything together and finally the Remake has been released. Feel free to check it out and let me know your opinion if you haven't done so yet:


Thanks to all, see you around!! ;)
  • Completed
  • SPM
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 04/15/2015 11:00 AM
  • 12/11/2021 07:02 PM
  • 04/15/2015
  • 147634
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Te conocí gracias a "An Evil Night" y justo me topé en los recomendados con este otro. Por estos 2 juegos solamente, he de decirte que me siento muy agradecido de haber podido invertir mi tiempo jugándolos. Y digo invertir, y no echar, o pasar. Porque en tus juegos se puede apreciar algo que poquísimos juegos tienen, y es "alma". Un alma creativa y poderosa, que no solamente te presenta una situación clásica como "mansión encantada" o "escapa de un sitio perturbador con monstruos y demás", no. Estos juegos se notan cargados de un contenido brillante, un genio que muy influenciado por supuesto, ha sabido tejer una obra psicodélica. Todo basado en giros extraordinarios de guión, que despiertan al jugador, cansado de sucedáneos que parecen pisarse entre ellos. Un jugador que disfruta jugando un producto donde, aún con las limitaciones del motor RPGMaker, logra penetrar en su mente, para llevarle a universos de retorcidas historias surrealistas, pesadillescas, y terroríficamente disfrutables.

Poco más tengo que añadir. Solamente animarte a que nunca dejes de crear juegos. Date tu tiempo si en algún momento lo ves necesario, pero por favor, nunca dejes de crear obras maestras.

Juego de 10.
Unos 30 minutos de historia.
Dev, the game's soundtrack is AMAZING! It fits the game so well, and also gives me extra chills. I only started the game and urgently came back to write this comment because I LOVE IT SO MUCH, dark ambient is fucking everything.
Also... I think the main character lives actually in my house, cheap and scary lmao
The game's atmosphere is everything I could've ever asked for, I only hope that the game ends so well like it began.
Edit: aw, do not call him a "beast", spaghetti boi was only hungry :( can't blame him
nah I'm not really bothered by it, although i pointed out some flaws but i love the game very much! :D
First of all, thanks for playing!

Some comments. The secret is secret no more in the latest version (it is pretty obvious now, and yes it is in the top room, but nobody saw it in early releases, that is why it was a secret until now). About my grammar, yeah, I take note. I'm really spanish so I assumed since the start that I would mess up a bit sometimes, sorry about it hehe. Also, about the save bug I forgot to disable saving in that zone. I had the same problem solved in another room before, which had the same issue. Again, sorry about it.

Glad you enjoyed the game. See you around!
wah this is a very good game! very enjoyable and fun, i had the most scare at the dark maze puzzle @_@
the secret about do not disturb the beast, is that something happens when you go to the top room right?
overall a excellent game with many scares, there's like two grammar mistake that i noticed but i never really care about that sort of stuff.
if you save your game in the room where you are chased by bunch of skeletons, you die instantly if you load it so i have to backtrack to the spider maze room @_@
i got the true ending at the first try, so in the second try i burned the book at the library and got the bad ending, but in that ending i didn't die after i went out the house, that one monster just walked to me and trapped me, i can't move at all and can't hit esc so i have to close the game, it didn't happen if i burn the book at other locations so it's a bug? but it's really cool and good design choice if it isn't O.O
i would give the game a 4.1 but because of the skeleton room bug i think i would give it a 4, thanks for the hard work! :D

Man, still nobody noticing the secret when you check the note "DO NOT DISTURB THE BEAST." :__(
Well thanks to you, Mike, for taking the time to play, I enjoyed watching the first LP ;)

I'm very glad you enjoy these type of games, I also do as I create or play them, specially for the nostalgic feeling I get every time.

See you around!
Hello all, especially you: SPM!

My name's Mike, I run MGR(Mike's Gaming Room); I want to stop in and give a big thank you, to SPM for taking the time ot make this pretty damn cool game. I'm doing a blind LP of it currently because, I love these style games(sprite games of all types) and they don't get the attention they really deserve!

So, here's the link to the first of my blind LP of Darkest Dreams!
Thanks SPM!

Edit: It apparently doesn't like Youtube's shortened URL it gives.
Wow, I love the drawing, that was awesome!! I'll take a look at the video in a couple of minutes (breakfast time here in Spain LOL). Thank you very much!!!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
That is some awesome fanart :O
Here's Part 1!
{Edit: Part 2 and part 3 are up and running!}
Anddd heres the background sorta fanart thats displayed for like 1 second on the video OTL I really love the story so far and am excited to get to recording again!

(i'll keep this post updated as i release parts in case you would like to watch ;u;)
Of course, and thanks if you do!!
Would bit be okay if I made a Let's Play of this game QuQ I would love for it to be the first game to start me off!
Thanks for playing mate, glad you enjoyed! :)
After reading multiple comments about the game, discussions, videos of people playing (thank you very much to all :)) I just realized something I wanted to ask to anyone who reads this post. Ill hide it just below because it's a bit spoiler:

Did anybody at all encounter the huge beast in the Underground zone of the Cavern of the Vigil?? I have seen a mention to almost everything spooky in the game except this. Maybe I should even consider it an accidental easter egg LOL

Thanks for playing, shayoko! ;)

The exe thing is my mistake, the name is Darkest Dreams. Apart from that, you are right, my first language is spanish so my english can be awkward at some points lol sorry about it. I respect your thoughts about the story, it can be debated if you like some time. See you around. ;)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts may include spoilers

the game folder and game exe are 2 different names is the game name darkest dreams or dreaming dark?

how do you hear noises in reality after falling asleep? i think this person is using a translator or nay english is not there main language XD
that aside i assume it was more like getting rdy for bed not actually sleeping.tho you can hear sounds in your dreams its not worth worrying about.

this is a somewhat painful experience. the grammar is sometimes a bit awkward in some areas but not necessarily incorrect
it kills the immersion :3

those ???? on the save screen! :D

have the shading effects (nice) and added interactivity with things that aren't particularly important another +

indeed horror is the worst genre in gaming/story telling romance comes in 2nd
doors always locked for no reason included a front door and even tho its your own house you dont have your keys with you?
what house even has locks on doors outside the exits and some not all bedroom doors?!

when you think about it,its kinda funny the character talks to themself. for the sake of the player having information :3
maybe why they end up beign victims :3

the triggering is REALLY good tho so far. knowing(remembering really) how the engine works you put a bit of time into this

it first says hat you need to destroy the book in the place ????? left it before he was taken by the demon
it then says that you need to destroy it where it was written
if both are the same place why say it again???

either way i dont get how someone would be confused on how to get another ending its as obvious as your gonna get

Story thoughts spoilers

indeed horror is a terrible genre using the genre as a excuse for things to not make sense. but that aside
im looking at the endings there are 2 i assume anyway (good job on that btw)
tho i am disappointed that both lead to the same result the difference being the information given to the player.
i would of liked the simple ending to be a happy end and the true end be the other one.

and the extra end with the new residents i don't like that at all because then information that builds the scenario and plot were lies...thus making it pointless to tell you if you do this the curse will be lifted.
with the true end this also doesn't make sense.as why would other people be punished???
are you saying its impossible for the curse to be broken?
tho this would i guess explain the mountain of corpses i assume they are all victims of this and not ritual victims to set this up

not a fan of pure despair plots but outside some awkward english to me anyway
it was well written

the triggers were mostly well done
the story was..unexpected
the mapping was good
the effects were good
gameplay 30 minutes or less

this was a good game recommend it
I finished playing the game.I did record it too but my f ing recording program decided to crash on me right when I finished recording(Thanks a lot for that recording program).
Anyway,I think I will write a review instead and make up for it.Just for not keeping you waiting I'll tell you my rating for the game:4/5

Glad you liked it man!! Thank you!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I finished playing the game.I did record it too but my f ing recording program decided to crash on me right when I finished recording(Thanks a lot for that recording program).
Anyway,I think I will write a review instead and make up for it.Just for not keeping you waiting I'll tell you my rating for the game:4/5
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