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Darkest Dreams Remake in MV

Hi everyone. It's been many years since "Darkest Dreams", my first ever game, was released in this website. I remember it being a great struggle to finish as I had never used any tool like RPGMaker VX ACE to develop, but things got done eventually thanks to constant work and motivation.

It was nice to see generally positive and sincere reviews so I decided to continue making games like "An Evil Night" and the "Alone in the Dark Remake", which are both available here too. It was cool and rewarding to get more experience and skills with these.

And now, a couple of years after the last game, I decided that "Darkest Dreams" deserved a revisit and a face wash.

I thought of the RPGMaker MV tool as an enhancement, and it surely has been, so I have worked a couple of months on putting everything together and finally the Remake has been released. Feel free to check it out and let me know your opinion if you haven't done so yet:


Thanks to all, see you around!! ;)


Final Update!

It's been some time since I released the last version of the game, but I decided to do a final update, guys!

I was encouraged to do a final review on some flaws the game had and decided to polish it to the point that in this final release I think I have finally fixed everything there was to fix and added a couple of new surprises! If you plan on playing the game, are currently playing it or simply want to relive the experience I highly recommend on downloading this update.

I'm also still working on my next game called "No Place Like Home". If you want to keep updated on progress you can freely search for it in this same website.

Hope you enjoy. See you around!! ;)


Accidental Secret?

Hello to all!! I just wanted to make a quick blog to ask you guys to share your opinions here publicly or in private on something that has been on my mind after watching several Let's Plays of the game (thanks a lot to those who did them and to those who did'nt but played the game on their own :) ).

I already posted this in the public profile way down in the comments but then I realized it will get buried sooner or later, or simply ignored, and it really is something I was willing forward to see how it worked in the game, but I did'nt get the chance to see it because people just passed by and missed it!!! :_(

Spoiler ahead, be warned:

Did anybody at all encounter the huge beast in the Underground zone of the Cavern of the Vigil?? I have seen a mention to almost everything spooky in the game except this. Maybe I should even consider it an accidental secret LOL.

Thank you all for playing!!! :D


Spanish version is live! (Versión española disponible!)

Hi to all! I just finished translating to my own language (lol XD) the game. The spanish version is now live as always without and with the RTP. I uploaded them in the downloads section for anybody who want them. See you around!!

Hola a todos! Acabo de terminar de traducir el juego a mi propio idioma (lol XD). La versión en español está disponible sin y con el RTP. Las he subido a la sección de descargas para el que las quiera tener. Nos vemos!!


Final Version 1.2 is live!

Hi to all. I just finished adding a couple of minor fixes to the game and uploaded version 1.2 (with and without RTP, remember you need it) for download! You also have the final notes in the downloads section with all the corrections and additions made since 1.0 for you to check out if you wish.

I intend this to be the final release so I would encourage anybody who is still playing with 1.0 to update to 1.2. It fixes all of the glitches that have been identified in the way and a couple of new zones have been added since 1.1.

Hope you enjoy, see you around guys!!


Version 1.1 is live!

Hi folks!! Glad to announce that version 1.1 is live and ready to go.

Uploaded in the downloads section are the versions with the RTP and without it, as usual. I have also included a text file with the changes, additions and fixes included in the release. Feel free to download too if you like so you can get an idea of what to expect in 1.1.

To all who have played so far, thanks for taking the time, I didn't expect this to go as well as it has, I am very grateful to you all. Also thanks to the people who have shared their opinions on the game, and also to those who have found and told me about glitches, mistakes and other stuff in 1.0 so I could correct it. Let me know if you still find anything else and I will take a look at it for a future update.


Progress Report

Version 1.1 next week and one thing you should be cautious with

Hi again, everybody. I just wanted to make a quick post to tell you that at some point next week I will release version 1.1 of the game.

In this version mostly will be fixes to bugs that have been reported and a couple of changes I have in mind.

Once I have it out I'll tell you the notes with the corrections, but just so you can be prepared until then I'll tell you that if you play the game before the 1.1 is out there is one important bug regarding saving in the Living Room which you should be aware of. For now just be cautious to NOT SAVE IN THE LIVING ROOM or your progress could be ruined if you die after that and try to continue in that savepoint (thanks to ExtremeDevelopment for the info).

There are other corrections apart from this one but not so important, so I will tell you about them in the fix notes next week, when 1.1 will be live. Until then see you around!!


Version 1.0 Available!

Well, as promised versión 1.0 is currently available for download! There are two downloads: one without the RTP and another with the RTP. Remember that if you want to play the game you must have the RTP. If you don't it will not work.

By the way I would like to say that if you play the game (thank you!) I would appreciate your opinions, suggestions... if you find bugs, glitches, text mistakes, whatever, please let me know. I will use that information for future updates.

Not really much more to say, just enjoy! ;)

Progress Report

First words, and 1.0 Version coming soon

First of all, welcome everyone! This is my first game with RPG Maker. I've tried other times to make something playable (more oriented to RPG, not horror) but either I didn't have the time to finish it or somewhat became trapped at some point in the story or the development tool and never was able to finish it.

So, I can say this time that I've been working on this for a few months with love, and it's finished for its first version! I plan to have it available for tomorrow. I'll keep you informed through here about this game, other future games and other news.

By the way, just for your eyes: i'm spanish. The game will be available first in it's english version (I hope there aren't much spelling mistakes but if you see any please keep me up to date so I can fix it).

No more to say for today here, just as I said tomorrow the first version will be probably up. Stay tuned and thanks for playing if you do, please share your opinions!!!
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