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Custom Battle System in progress #2

  • Wano
  • 06/10/2015 12:27 AM
Hi guys !

I continued to work on the world map, but mapping is still a WIP :

Now, what about Battles ?

Weapons system

You can change a weapon without wasting turns. It always inflicts physical damages and it adds magic damages if it's a magic weapon. The difference between a skill and weapons is :
- When you cast a skill, there is a pre-made number of attacks (often unique)
- When you attack with a weapon, the character will attack during 2 seconds. Agility will increase the number of attacks.

Here is an example :

Low attack

Fast attack (more agility)

Level up and rank up system

Level up

It's automatic, you have +1 point in all your stats (exepted for HP where you gain 5).

Rank up!

Each 5 levels, you have a rank up (when you reach level 1 too). You can :

- Choose one skill to learn
- Distribute 5 points of stats

Here is a WIP of a rank up :

There are 3 kind of skills :
- Magic : skills using MP
- Abilities : skills using TP or HP
- Combo : a mix of magic and abilities

First skills you can learn (time)

Resonance (2PM): inflicts temporal damages to one foe and mark it. Mark : next temporal attack will 60% slows the marked foe during 3 turns.
Furtive (5TP): Inflicts physical damages to a foe. Finish the foe with this attack allows to play a new turn.
Gearwheel (5PM, 5TP): inflicts temporal damages to one foe. If the foe is marked, you will gain 1 BP.

What about talents ?

All the characters have only one talent, that can be passive, active, in battle, out, or both. In battle, you can active it thanks to BP (Bonus Points). You can now see main characters talent in their description.

Experience points in battle

In the battlefield, more a character participate, more he will earn experience points. You are participating if you :

- Attack
- Do a critical attack
- Miss an attack
- Use a skill
- Use an object

At the end of the battle there will be a percentage of participation for each character that will be adjusted and determines the experience gain.

/!\ A character never gain 0 xp, even if he do nothing in the battle, he will gain a minimum

That's all for this blog. For the next blog, I will present you skills rendering!


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Très cool Wano.

(even if he does).

Le système de combat est inspiré de Radiant Historia?
Ah merci crea ! Il doit y avoir bien d'autres fautes, mais je fais de mon mieux. D:

Zim m'avait déjà fait la remarque pour Radiant Historia, mais je n'y ai jamais joué, donc non je ne m'en suis pas inspirée.

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