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Alice's Plunder is planned to be a somewhat surreal game about a cutesy character named Alice. Of course, this game will be somewhat inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Ozz. In fact it starts at the "Queen" of hearts castle (the character isn't actually the queen or female, but they represent her idea). Unlike my other games, this one will be a little bit more serious. Don't get me wrong, there will be humorous moments, but it will be less frequent as the other games. Plus, this game will most likely going to be cutesy all the way through. One more thing, this name is still under construction. I am open to better suggestions. The original name was Alice in Plunderland, but I found out it was already taken. Blah.

Short Bio:
Alice is a painter with huge ambitions. She loves to paint! In fact, that's part of her daily routine. One day while in the middle of her routine, out of nowhere she gets kidnapped by a unknown hand. When she wakes up she is in a dungeon of some kind. Alice is informed that she must paint for the king. Alice must find her way to get out of this art jail in order to get home. First, though, she must escape and go through a series of trails... But is this what she really wants?

Some examples of some things that this game will include:
- Original Art
- Sprites
- Window Skin
- Battle Animations/Sprites/Backgounds
- Some original tiles
- Original Music (There's about 16 songs so far. I don't know how many I'm going to use, though.)

Latest Blog

A Christmas gift

Earlier this year, the main laptop that I was using to create AP died and I lost everything on it. And for the longest time I thought I lost Alice’s Plunder too… fortunately, though, I did find a flash drive that had an older version of the game on it. While I haven’t worked on the game in like 2-3 years, I was heartbroken at the idea of losing something so personal to me. The last thing a developer wants is for something that they worked so hard on to just vanish and become lost media.

And for that reason, I’m uploading what I have. The game is very much unpolished and a product of its time, but I hope you guys enjoy it, nonetheless.

**I have no intentions on reviving the project (at least, anytime soon), but I might add on a few things later on (like a bonus room that explains the story and shows off a few characters that were going to be in the game/a few more puzzles).**
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I really like the design you gave Alice. Very interesting.
I really like the design you gave Alice. Very interesting.

Ah! Thank you very much! I'm glad you like her! I can't take full credit for her design, though. I actually got her from a friend on DA a long time ago.~
I can't wait *__*!

Awww! Thank you! ^o^
I'm so excited!!

Ah! I'm so glad to hear you say that! ^o^
im wainting for this awesome game when its going to be completed i will play it no matter what!
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