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A Christmas gift

Earlier this year, the main laptop that I was using to create AP died and I lost everything on it. And for the longest time I thought I lost Alice’s Plunder too… fortunately, though, I did find a flash drive that had an older version of the game on it. While I haven’t worked on the game in like 2-3 years, I was heartbroken at the idea of losing something so personal to me. The last thing a developer wants is for something that they worked so hard on to just vanish and become lost media.

And for that reason, I’m uploading what I have. The game is very much unpolished and a product of its time, but I hope you guys enjoy it, nonetheless.

**I have no intentions on reviving the project (at least, anytime soon), but I might add on a few things later on (like a bonus room that explains the story and shows off a few characters that were going to be in the game/a few more puzzles).**