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A shocking murder of a young woman tears the quiet town of Fleetswood apart overnight. Philip Dunpenny, a soon-to-retire detective, and his partner Tommy take on the case and hunt down the killer. Though as the case continues and the body count increases, it's apparent that there's something far more sinister brewing within Fleetswood than initially realised. Between balancing his own demons and the pressure of this case, Philip has to find the killer before it's too late -whilst battling relentlessly dense local police officers, hunting for runaway psychiatric patients, discovering a dark conspiracy, and remembering to call his wife every so often. Nothing is as it seems in Fleetswood, and as the case pushes Philip & Tommy to their limits, something far worse hides in the shadows. Sometimes, secrets should be kept secret.

The Widower is a Lynchian-esque investigative horror game, inspired by the aforementioned director's works such as Twin Peaks and Eraserhead, though also taking inspiration from titles like Silent Hill, True Detective and The X-Files. Finding clues and coming to your own conclusions are key to the story, with gameplay focused on exploration, deduction, and at times - survival. The town progresses as you do, the characters' thoughts and actions progress as you do, and above all, the case can take various paths with each conclusion you make.

Whilst this is no longer Oneirophrenia in a traditional sense, various themes and characters are still present. The former title (while there wasn't a demo, admittedly) allowed me to get my horror chops on and brainstorm some great ideas. This is the culmination of all of these - a far more refined experience.

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  • 04/23/2015 05:01 AM
  • 05/09/2015 02:52 AM
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks gorgeous!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Hot, Mark. Hot. But anyway, when are you not inspired by Lynch. ;)

I like that you're inspired by True Detective too, though. I've only seen snippets, but what I have seen has been spellbinding. This also reminds me of Alan Wake.
Thank you everybody!

Demo progress is unfortunately only going as far as a Panera Bread paid wallet can take me every month for the artwork, which isn't much on top of everything else. I'm done with the exterior work for the farmhouse and now we're onto the inside, where the majority of the increasingly surreal demo will take place.

Expect it to be something akin to the lovechild of Twin Peaks' black lodge, PT and Lone Survivor. It's gonna be messed up as all hell.
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