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Under the Mystical Sunrise!

"Mystical Sunrise" (or "Mystic Sunrise", as it appears if you search for the game) is a game by Archeia_Nessiah, Ocean & JosephSeraph, made with the RPG Maker 2003 in 2015. Oh and this is also one of the official sample games that was released in order to help promote the official English release of "RPG Maker 2003". Nice to note!

In any case the plot is simple: we play as Myra, a sorceress who has made a little mistake, due to an experiment gone wrong, she released in the wilderness an orb that is transforming the local fauna into monsters. The orb must be stopped, for this reason she'll be assisted by Gideon, a gunner with a dark past, that may be the right person for this kind of job!
The story is more or less all here, do not expect great turns or revelations, most cutscenes can also be skipped because the game is short (about 30 minutes long) and the main focus isn't the story or exploration, but combat. The game consists in fact in a sequence of battles with no side exploration or anything else happening between them aside for some cutscenes.

Oh no! Myra was defeated! But Gideon replied with a powerful attack. Will he win?

Combat is apparently a classical Rpgmaker2003 system, but with two widely different characters: Myra doesn't cast spells, but she can craft scrolls during the rest sequences to be able to use them later in combat (and trust me she has a lots of choice between many really useful powers), while GideoN instead has a sort of "limit" sistem that is increased doing some actions, like shooting his gun, and will let him use some abilities like the shotgun attack or a healing skill. For both characters I found some abilities to be better than others, anyway this is not a very challenging game that will require lots of strategy (not even the final boss will be a great threat), so do not worry.

Another nice aspect is the possibility to upgrade characters increasing their hitpoints, speed, defense, number of revives, and so on. Not the usual classic and boring level up, but nothing extremely new, still an interesting choice.

Finally the best aspect: visuals. The game looks very pretty and cute with these cute and custom made graphic assets, that are simple but give an unique charm and distinctive look to this game. I like the battlers, the different enemy sprites, the facesets of the two protagonists but also the visual effects of the spells, for example the Apocalypse spell is really a sight to see! It's really a pity that maps aren't explorable because they look very cool.
Concerning sounds and musics I admit here I expected RTPs... but no! Music consists in midi tunes by CyberRainForce and are rather good, the theme of the various battles, including the final one are all well made and perfectly fitting the scenarios. Nice and unexpected.

Really wise words!

Final Verdict
"Mystical Sunrise" is a really cute short series of battles, at first I was a bit stunned by the absence of exploration, but the original features made up for the lack of "adventure". It's not a very challenging game but this is still a very enjoyable experience and not a typical rpgmaker game for sure.
This is clearly not a game you will spend lot of time with, still it's a short and fun series of battles, so if you're looking for a little adventure with a couple of original twists, you may like it a lot. In other cases it's still a solid little adventure that won't pose lots of challenges nor it will be frustrating, so it's good, I guess!