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RPGHub is a tool for playing RPG Maker and Wolf RPG games on Mac OS X and (soon-to-be) Linux. It combines various open-source software projects, such as Wine, mkxp, FFmpeg, and ImageMagick to effortlessly convert and import Windows-only games. RPGHub also allows users and game developers to export their games as rpghub files, which make distributing and installing OS X and Linux versions of games incredibly easy. The project is actively being developed, and the developer (i.e. me) provides services for "porting" fickle games.

An example of the import process:
  • Alice downloads an exe installer for an RPG Maker XP game.
  • She extracts the game data from the installer by running the game in Wine via the import wizard.
  • Alice indicates the game exe and readme, and fills out information about the game's version and author.
  • The import process runs.
  • Alice can now play the game from the menu!

Latest Blog

RPGHub v2.2 released

This version fixes many problems that were in previous releases, and includes support for the new official RPG Maker 2003 runtime.

You can download it here. Please read the release notes carefully!
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Interesting tool. <Subscribed>
i know its 2019 but the download is having some errors when i click here
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