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Epic Odyssey now has a Difficulty selection!

First off I want to say I have cleaned up my "Downloads" section of my game page. There are now only three different variations of Epic Odyssey. The first one is the full RTP version, the second is the fullscreen version (I've kept this one separate from the first because it seems to lag the game a little bit in fullscreen), and the third is the GameJolt.com version. Now on to the update!

In order to satisfy all players, with varying tastes, of how hard they like their gameplay to be I have created a difficulty adjustment to Epic Odyssey!

Just go to "System" in the Main Menu and press enter.

Then just select what difficulty you want your play experience to be.

The game difficulty are as follows:
EASY = Less HP and less evade chance than NORM
NORM = Default difficulty (less evade and crit than the last version of the game)
HARD = A little more HP and more evade and critical chance than NORM. + more gold
EPIC = More like the last version of the game but with even more HP ++ more gold