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No Submission for the Event

Unfortunately, I won't be able to submit something in time for the game jam. I thought I would be able to get more done throughout this week, but because of work and holidays, the bulk of the actual game implementation came down to 1.5 weekends. However, time throughout the week was spent planning many of the details of the game, so I now have a detailed outline of where to go from here in order to finish this in a reasonable time.

Also, because of the planning stages and how I proceeded to implement the game (more of a tandem approach as I was looking at the game as a whole), I didn't prep myself for a better situation to cut more stuff out of the game for a submission that would still be playable and still make sense by the end.

Despite the shortcomings for the contest, I am very glad I participated, and it has given me motivation to continue with all of my current projects.

Look forward to Starcrossed at a later date! I am currently looking at finishing it in its entirety within the next couple of weeks (by the end of May at the latest).