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At this point it's clear that I'm not going to finish this, so...

I'm oficially cancelling this project. To be honest, I only made this for the "A Golden Week Of RPG Maker 2003" event, but since I didn't managed to finish the game in time for the deadline, I pretty much lost interest after that. Besides, I've been distracted with a lot of things lately, so even if I wanted to finish this, I probably wouldn't have been able to.

So I'm sorry if anyone was interested in this game, but sadly it's not going to happen. But expect to hear of me eventually, because I promised myself that this year I would actually finish at least one game! XD

See you eventually
The GameMaker, Ilan14


Yeah, excactly what you saw.

Hi, everyone.

I've been thinking about this project lately, since I said I would complete this soon. But I distracted myself too much with other stuff (including the seductive Steam) and I never came back to this. So I thought that maybe I should let this rest until I got everything sorted.

For the three suscribers that have been waiting for this game: Don't worry, I intend to finish this at some point. Just not right now.

Best wishes
The GameMaker, Ilan14

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