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Outlaw City: Dark Past

Outlaw City: Dark Past centers on the earlier adventures and history of one of Outlaw City's main characters. A game created from scratch within 2 weeks, OCDP is more of a mini-episode, lasting only 1 full hour of playtime but featuring a custom battle system and other features.

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  • Anaryu
  • Krisanna
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  • 10/14/2008 04:04 AM
  • 04/28/2019 01:53 AM
  • 10/14/2008
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Nice game! the battle system is nice. that last guy blocking was really annoying though. You should enable a "level up!" advice after battles. Story development was pretty nice too. Hope there's a second episode!
I shall stick my flag in this game! For I have conquered it. Fun but a little buggy in some places.
As usual, I'm asking 'What script did you use & where did you put it' and 'where did you get the character graphics' now!
Shortest game I have ever played before. Finished it, and please make a second episode! PleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE! ^_^
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random thoughts
a helmet improves strength???

stat ups in store = no

seeing shops open when demons are attacking the city is...immersion killing to the extreme

game was ok it just lacked something for me.

game freezes when i am about to
face the demon trying to break into the church right after the other 2 join my party.
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