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"and that's how the old man died!........"

That was the end of the "Ghost story" told by Cody on that horrific night.

On this night, 5 friends decided they would go camping in the Old Mansion Grounds because there's nothing scary about this right?

We'll see...


One Night 5 friends decided to go camping in a dark wood, each taking it in turns to tell ghost stories and scare the rest of the group.

Time ticks on and on eventually they decide to call it a night and head for their tents.

Eve is paired with her twin sister Ada, Sally with her boyfriend Samuel and Cody who always like to fly solo in these situations.


This was the first thing Eve heard, making her wake up immediately!

"Ada, did you hear that!?....Ada?..... ADA!!!?"

She opens the zip of her tent to find Ada's torch lying on the ground near the campfire...

"Where is she!?"...

Eve wakes the rest of the gang, who then decide they have to find her, she wouldn't have just left without a word, and she was scared of the dark!

They Venture deeper and deeper into the woods, only to discover an Old Manor House in the distance........

Latest Blog

MV Remake (The SHEmake)

Hey guys!
So we have been toying around with the idea of Remaking She: Chapter 1 in RMMV.
With all original music etc as to give it a more personal feel and vibe.
What do you guys think?
Would you like a remake of Chapter 1 in MV? With more puzzles and scares?
We would love to hear from you :)

Team Crimson
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Don't make duplicate accounts in order to review your own game, guys!
the file is not finished downloading. could you upload on win rar format? please
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.

Horror is the worst genre in story telling followed by romance.
and worse i dont enjoy overly dark stuff and neither should anyone else who isnt disturbed.
so my enjoyment of these types of games has to come from the atmosphere and effects rather them the plot and murders.

in that regard this was quite well done. whether its because i was playing in windowed mode or not i had a fair amount of jump scares and i was certainly
a lil nervous while exploring.
so you did a great job in that department.

the grammar and scripting are good no issues noticed there.

Bad personal dislikes

on to the dislike area.in terms of explanation i cant say much as theres more to come so debating on that is pointless as of now.

so instead future events. i personally dont mind deaths. its a natural and needed part of life.
but 3 things that enrage me whether its story or fiction
is rape,slavery and torture.
and im leaning toward potential rape incoming in the next or a future section of the game in which i would be forced to drop it them and there.
so i hope that ts avoided or the scene that suggests such a thing is misleading.

the usual that comes with horror, you see a friend dead or even a stranger then dont mention it to your friends.
even if there scum and dont believe your words at least you tried.

i never recommend demos for many what should be obvious reasons.
but if your looking for what most generally would consider a good horror game in this engine.
this is worth giving a try

pm if need a tester in the future.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I thought this description looked familiar, you originally had this up as a demo. Why didn't you just update the original game page? Good to see it is still being worked on and that you've obviously tackled the issues that were present in the demo version.
Hey, thank you or playing. I must admit I watched your stream of it and I was very happy with the way you played.
The ending isn't about rape though I can see where it is misleading. I don't even like the thought of adding that to be honest.
It will all become clear during the next chapters and would love to have you on board to play it.
P.S I have solved the menu issue in the attic and now all works correctly on the main download.
Thanks again.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
oh you watched the fun stream? i enjoyed my attempt at voice acting XD
yeah i wasn't sure if that was a glitch or not and actually forgot to mention it in feed back :O
surprised you happened to find that stream so quickly XD
Haha yes I stumbled across it, I enjoyed it very much.
Thanks again :) but yeah just to let you know work on Chapter 2 is commencing again. :)
For a horror rpg game, your game is pretty interesting. I will also suggest that if will be nice if you can make a guide for it.

I got stuck after playing the piano. I don't know where to go. XD

I think this game is really well made, I played it a long time ago, and I'm still waiting the second chapter!! When do you intend to let it out? Do you have a release date?
is the game on hiatus? there was long time no update about it.
Hey guys, Chapter 2 is coming this week for now it is on gamejolt but I will make a game page on here also. Thank you!
Hey guys, Chapter 2 is coming this week for now it is on gamejolt but I will make a game page on here also. Thank you!

OH MY GOOOOOOOD!!!! You don't know how HAPPY I am right nooow!!! When I saw the notification I was like: "FOR REAAAAAAAL????!"
I was waiting for this game since EVER!!! Even before I got registered here on RMN! I can't wait to play it!!! >u<
We released the game! Still waiting for the page to stop pending on here and go live but for now please download it @ https://gamejolt.com/games/shechapter2/292784 hope you guys like it.
Haha! I got this game yesterday and had so much fun playing it. I love the challenge and glad that I didn't use a walkthrough.

Also, I'm glad I got it recently cause now I get to play chapter two without waiting super long.
I played it. And I'm already stuck. Dunno what to do.
We are pleased to announce that we are now able to continue on our little story!
Please keep an eye out for the announcement and game page of the next part...
She: Chapter 3: The Missing.
Get hype!!!
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