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Winner of Misao 2015's "Most RTP Game Award"

So if you haven't heard already, competing against one other nominee, this game won the Misao category of "Most RTP Game Award" with a whopping 23 votes!

... I don't know whether I should think you are all crazy or not, but to those who did vote for this project, thank you. :')


Post-Release Version is finally up!

Sellsword 2.0, with some of the changes mentioned in my previous blog, has just been uploaded.

Hopefully, this will be the final release, but if you run into any game-breaking bugs or other unfair tripe, send your reports my way and I'll get right to it!


Preview of the Post-Release Version of "Sellsword"

Greetings, summoners! Champion designer CertainlyT and LC$BigPlayer Dyrus discuss the upcoming balance changes to promote further strategic diversity with the now non-existent Fields of Just--

Oh wait, we're talking about this game. Lame jokes aside, Sellsword will be getting a "post-event" release sometime after the official judgement of the Golden Week of Rm2k3 is announced, whenever that happens. This release won't make any major changes, but aims to address some of the concerns both players and myself have with this game in regards to balance and design.

Here's the rundown:

Thunder spells are getting the nerf bat:
  • The ability to paralyze enemies has been shifted into Thunder I, while Thunder II will simply lower the target's Defense. In addition, I took better care in editing the enemy attributes (especially the bosses) so that they aren't so susceptible to being stunned all the time. This is done to get players to pay a bit more attention to the other skills Paris has, since already the common strategy is to spam Thunder II on everything to insta-win battles. I figured by switching the two powers it would encourage players to be a bit more strategic in choosing either to do damage and paralyze or deal more damage and lower DEF. After all, the base level skills aren't actually intended to be rendered obsolete upon leveling up to gain new ones.

Gunnar's getting more hammered than usual:
  • The base damage of his default attack skill and "Tackle" are getting a slight base damage increase, to at least deal more damage than Riley's Voice Crack. I don't know about the rest of you, but Gunnar's kind of irrelevant in his current state, doncha' think?
  • The alcoholic beverages will have even more benefits! Now, every drink will give Gunnar some MP regeneration in battle, so you have a better option for restoring his low MP pool than wasting precious Mana Meals. Mead and Wine drinks will also regenerate his health a little bit. Overall, this is to give you guys a better incentive to use those awesome alcoholic beverages on this guy.

Slightly better maps:
  • In my original press for time, I kind of half-assed some areas in mapping to get it done quicker. Now, I'm actually going to add some locations that I originally planned (The Twosengarde Pub, for instance) and edit some maps in effort to sell their identity better.

Other stuff and bugfixes:
  • I'm going to comb this game a few more times to see what I can improve dialogue-wise, fix anything that doesn't work as well as planned, and so on.

If you have any suggestions as to what else I should do for the post-release version, feel free to comment!



Sellsword is finally finished! After all the self-doubts I had with this project, I finally got a complete game finished just in time for the event's closure!

About this project, I was initially planning on an classic-styled RPG that focused on grinding for more than just improved levels... And that's when I realized this stain on the RPG Maker franchise didn't have the tools enforced by the event to support that vision.

After struggling to come up with an idea, I decided to channel my inner 17-year-old self; the Ratty who came up with games simply by choosing the characters/resources that looked cool somehow, and making some random, very loosely thought-out story as I went along.

... Keep in mind this has a reputation of working out horribly, but it gave me the drive to make something for the event!

So... What I put out may or may not be the best game out there. It kind of takes influence from games like Earthbound and awkwardly molds it into a generic RTP fantasy world. But yeah, I'll let my players decide whether they like the game or not!

I'll be updating with further information on the way skills/stats and whatnot work in this game soon. For the meantime, enjoy your 20-30 minutes of playtime!

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