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Outlook for "GoldenGuard:GO!"

  • TrueMG
  • 10/27/2016 01:56 AM

A lot of time flew by since my last progress report. And in all honesty, I didn't work much on the completely new version of GoldenGuard. However, I found new motivation for my little golden gem. Especially because this game will still be a simple game with no dialoges or super complicated stuff. It's managable.

So, how's my current progress for GoldenGuard:GO! ?

I heard your complains and changed several core mechanics, added new mechanics and am still in progress of creating new upgrades. All maps/areas will be redesigned.
The following list will be updated from time to time. It lists every finished "feature" or big change. Please be aware that these changes will not occur in the basic downloadable game (GoldenGuard).


- Money you earn from enemies are now visible collectables

- Armour now protects your newest hearts instead of oldest

- Completely changed "Fairy Grapple" with timing mechanic (gif)

- New sword "Shock Blade" with special ability

- New weapon "Calcification Bow" which stuns enemies and interacts with the surrounding (gif)


- Battle was a "hit & run"-mess. Now you can strafe (fix your face-direction) which makes battle much easier. This changed the way our heroine interacts with objects (because RPG Maker is a bitch) so I rewrote the basic interaction mechanic

- Moveable objects (like crates) can now be pushed AND pulled

- Jumping down ledges

Because english isn't my native language, GoldenGuard:GO! will also have very little spoken words. If any.

PREVIEWS (Testmap)

New collectable heart-container. Strafing. Coins.

Prototype of the new Fairy Grapple. Can also cross multiple hooking-points.

Calcification Bow. Freezes/Stuns your enemy for several seconds.
Bow must be charged and has a cooldown.

It can also interact with fire to hurt enemies...

... or create new fires.



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Souns really cool. I became a fan of ys meanwhile, so I'm subbed to this.
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