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Life of Splork the Orc Review

Life of Splork the Orc is a thing that exists, I guess. While this game has a fun premise, it loses its charm very quickly and grows into a boring, tedious, yet playable mess. You play as Splork the Orc, an Orc who lives in a forest. The game basically consists of you walking around talking to people. It’s very mundane. As well as that, the game’s only main feature is its multiple endings, which aren't tracked in any way or even explained that you even got an ending to begin with. I got so incredibly bored with this game that I only got two of the six endings. The first one I got was after I got liberty’s two boots and her ban hammer she asked me some question. I was rushing through the dialogue and accidentally clicked on the wrong answer, giving me a bad ending. I replayed the game, and when I got back to that part the question didn’t even appear! Also, sometimes the wrong character portrait show up which disrupts the flow of the game, if there was even a flow to begin with. Everything that you do in the game feels meaningless, as you aren't rewarded with any items, gold, or EXP, there are no shops to go to, there are no battles, you just walk around and talk to people, hoping something happens. The graphics are standard RTP fare, which is far from a bad thing since the MV RTP looks really nice and not as overused as the VX Ace ones. The music is a combination of custom or ripped songs as well as extra RTP songs you get for free with the program but aren’t included in the base files of a new MV project. Overall, Life of Splork the Orc is not at all worth your time, and those 30 mins I spent on the game I will never get back. However, quite a few jokes in the game really made me chuckle, so I might add a few points for that. Other than that, I did not enjoy this. Please avoid this game, as it may not be broken, but it sure is boring. I’d give this game a 2/5.


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I guess my humour doesn't quite jive with yours, but that's the issue with making games based around jokes, especially when the jokes are based around community interactions (you noted that you were rushing through the dialogue, which is the main aspect of the game. It would be hard to enjoy a game that was focussed around the character interactions if you ignored that whole part, so that's probably why you didn't enjoy it very much).

That's fine, though - everyone has their own likes and dislikes. This type of game probably just isn't the type for you. Recommending others avoid it might be a touch too much though.

But hey, thanks for the review even if you didn't enjoy the game.
You just can't understand the love that bucket-chan and I had...
"Please avoid this game" no ty, I'm a character in it so it's automatically a 4.5 star experience. Not even arc's cameo can bring it down. And I assure you. Arc's cameo TRIED to bring it down.
You're magical to me.
Your review would be much nicer and easier to read if you broke it up into paragraphs. One big block of text, even for a short review, is hard to look at.
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